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I have my consultation tomorrow! Finally! I...

I have my consultation tomorrow! Finally! I started thinking about having a TT and BL/BR earlier this year. I had never really considered PS as an option before. I thought that I would just lose my baby weight and everything would shrink back into place but after losing 40 lbs last year, I realized that was not the case. Our first child was 8lbs, followed by our twins that were 7lbs ea and our last baby finished out at 9.5lbs. I'm 5'2 with a short torso. I finally realized that all the damage to my tummy could not be fixed with just diet and exercise. The TT was my first priority but quickly decided to have my breast work done at the same time. I'm not sure exactly what procedure my doctor will recommend but I will update my postings tomorrow after my appointment with him. I'm really excited. I have done a ton of research on this doctor, watched his videos, checked his certifications, searched for any unhappy patients, etc. I also chose him because he performs his surgeries in a hospital that I trust so that makes me feel more confident as well. I decided to post my experiences here because the postings from others have helped me so much through this decision. I will post some pics in the future. Wish me Luck!

Booked! 5wks 6dys to TT/BR W/Lipo Great Consult!

Had my consult today with Dr Deutsch. Hubby went with me and I was so nervous. Dr Deutsch and his staff were fantastic. They answered all of our questions, set our minds at ease and gave us a "good" feeling. We booked the surgery for November 7th. OMG! Only 5wks 6days to go! Dr Deutsch was very confident and encouraging about the surgery. Time to prep!

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