30 Year Old with Two Kids. Removing Deflated Implant. 300cc to 400-450. Atlanta, GA

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So around October my right breast developed a leak...

So around October my right breast developed a leak and within a month fully deflated. Obviously, I have Saline. The year prior to that I was in a car accident and I didn't pay my boobs much attention since I was pregnant. I had developed a fold in the implant from the seatbelt. It was downhill from there. I breastfed my daughter for 7 months and the right breast always hurt. It had a bump where the fold was and the implant projected further out than the left. It was a relief when it deflated and I've had no pain since. I'm a little worried about how he right breast will do after surgery. My original BA was November of 2008 and I had no issues with the girls before that wreck. I went with 300cc and I have a 14mm breast so my boobs never looked even slightly big. I went to a C cup from a B cup. I'm gonna go with either 400cc or 450cc this time. I'm sticking with Saline. I'm just not comfortable putting liquid, gummy, or any type of silicone that could leak or gel bleed in my body. The right breast is covered by the warranty so I saved $1500 on this surgery. YAY.

Tomorrow is the Day!

Nervous and excited... The medication alone is enough to make me have a nervous bladder. LOL
Soma, Morphine, Loratab, ke flex, phenergan, etc...
I am gonna avoid the Morphine... If I can.
I'm first for surgery, which is awesome cuz I can't stand not eating for long. I'm scheduled for 7:00 am.

We settled on Naturelle Saline 450cc and 480cc for the left side. Going with moderate profile.


1day post op

Well the pain is a little more than I expected. I am supposed to take morphine (15mg) every 4 to 6 hours. And I am needing it before the four hour mark. They also gave me Loratab and I'm tempted to try those. It's almost time for my muscle relaxer and I hate that it makes me sooooo tired and my eyes get really heavy. I'm also takin phenergan for any nausea but I've had none. I may skip it this time since phenergan can make you tired too. All I've done is sleep.
So Dr. Colgrove and is staff were super awesome. I know Amanda and the anesthesiologist were so sweet and caring.

Dr.Colgrove told me he would tack my right nipple up some because it was much lower. That combined with the fact that my right implant had deflated, thus making my pocket shrink has my right side in agony. I also have drains... They aren't accumulating much. I don't know if that's bad or good. I 'milked' them a few times to make sure they don't clog.

That is all for today
Over and ouch
I mean over and out

2 days post op

So today is two days since my surgery... I'm pretty swollen. Especially on the right. I guess I figured the second time around would be so much easier. I'm in pain... On 1 to 10 I'd say a 7 without meds and a 2 with meds. I hate taking the pain medication though! I'm so bloated and my arms are kind of numb. I fall asleep constantly and don't have much energy. I'm eating pretty much only chicken salads or fruit salads in hopes that I will have a BM. I know anesthesia messing with your BM. I'm so ready to get these drains out tomorrow.

The bra was killing me

Drains are out

The drains are out. I drank a Coke this morning and threw up my pain meds on the way there... So I felt it all. It was a 5 on a scale of 1-10. My right side is still pretty swollen and it's numb. They look pretty good so far! I think anyways. :)

4 dpo. Healing

I'm feeling better. I get tired easy but I think once I'm off the medications I'll be ok. Today is the last day I have to take Keflex. The second time around these dos not get pushed up high and tight like the first. So that is good. I think they will settle quickly.

4dpo took another shower

They still feel very heavy and uncomfortable without the bra. I have a toddler and she is constantly trying to jump on me. I live in fear that she is going to injure me.

6 dpo

I'm loving these results... The pessimistic Patty that I am— I'm just hoping that nothing bad happens. No infection, CC, or anything like that... Please please please!!!
I vacillate between hoping they are swelling and shrink a little and hoping they stay this large... Lol "women"
I'm off RX pain meds and taking Tylenol. Still sore!
I wonder what size I'll be? I'm do not even have the time or energy to try on bras yet, which it would be pointless since I'm sure I'm swollen.

Almost 1 week post op

I can't believe it's only been 1 week. Healing up is easier the second time around. But, I can't seem to find a bra that doesn't freaking hurt where my stitches are... I opted for this target brand purple bra today... We will see how this goes. I'm already on my third day back to work. The first day was hell but I've been ok since I got back on schedule. I've gained a few pounds being lazy and ravenous... I don't know why since my surgery I want to snack and eat a lot...


I finally found a bra that doesn't irritate my incisions!!! It's a Playtex brand, I think. I got it at target. It has hooks in the bac but it's built like a sports bra. Love it! Also found some shoes for $35... They are little boys but comfy!

10 dpo

Well not much has changed... I still hurt some and strangely my right armpit stays sore... The right is still swollen.


This bra I got at Target is the most comfy bra ever!!!!!! It's completely seamless!!! I'm gonna go get one in every color. I believe it was only $17 or so. Love it!

2 week check up. 17 dpo

I'm doing great! My incisions are barely even noticeable and they were surprised by how well they look. I'm just slightly sore now and I'm not even taking Tylenol anymore. I have a check up in 4 weeks. Positive thoughts until then!

1 month post op

5 weeks post op.

Love them :)

5 months.

I'm still happy. It seems like my right one is lower. I actually like the lower look better than the left. My natural right breast is lower than the left... But I think it may be placed lower also...
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

He is awesome. I don't trust anyone else.

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