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Hello, I am planning on having rhino, oto, and...


I am planning on having rhino, oto, and possibly a chin implant with Dr. Andreas Ioannidis in Athens Greece due to the great before and after pics and the price of only $4200 for rhino and oto. Have not heard about the price of the chin implant yet. I've researched many doctors in the US, Mexico, Turkey, and Costa Rica. His price and quality appear to be the best in both categories. The only flaw I have found is that the coordinator is a little slow on replies and seems irritated with asking a lot of questions. Besides that, everything seems great. Also, I'm pretty excited about getting an entire apartment in Athens for $50/night with Airbnb!

I have made a spreadsheet comparing all the plastic surgeons I researched and contacted. If any one would like a copy for reference just let me know.


Decided to go with Dr. Fuentes in Tijuana instead

Decided to go with Dr. Fuentes in Tijuana instead since it was cheaper and his results look good. It would be easier travel also. Only wish the communication part was a little better. Couldn't find out where Dr. Loannidis had training or schooling and none of his coordinators could answer it either. which was discouraging.

Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant, Waist Liposuction, Otoplasty

Getting Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant, Waist Liposuction, and Otoplasty done on 4/14. Dr. Fuentes is doing everything except the lipo which will be done by Dr. Castaneda. Was going to go with a Dr. in Athens Greece but could find out about his credentials and training. Never had any cosmetic surgery done before so I am crazy nervous about getting a bad result but excited for getting an improvement. I've researched probably over 100 surgeons ranging form the US, MX, italy, Greece, India, Turkey, and Poland with hundreds of email messages looking for a doctor with the right quality and price ratio and I believe these two doctors are it. Only things I wish cold be improved is the communication with their coordinators. Sometimes it takes days to hear back with multiple repeat emails.

I have made a spreadsheet I send send you with the top docs I was considering with there prices and things I liked and disliked about each. Prices for each surgery below US dollars:
Facility- 1350
Flight- 450
Hotel- 35/night

Leaving Tomorrow at 6am From East Coast for Tijuana for Pre-Op Consult

I'm leaving tomorrow for the in person pre-op consult for my surgery on the 14th. Cosmed offers a pickup service from the San Dieago Airport included in their quote. Getting really nervous and excited!

Just landed

Just landed in San Diego airport. Called cosmed and they said Peggy was on her way to pick me up. Now we're on the way to the clinic.

Preop consult

Summary preop consult-
Waited at airport for driver 30 minutes
Drove 30 minutes
Filled out forms
Saw Dr. Castaneda for about 10 minutes and said good results could be given.
Blood work
Waited an hour for Dr Fuentes
Saw Dr Fuentes for 15 minutes. Don't feel so good that he said nose may appear wider from front.
Paid rest of bill
Walked 10 min to hotel
Realized overcharged $700
Walked back to cosmed and refunded
Walked back to hotel
Surgery at 730 am tomorrow


Whish they would have given more detail on me needing to call once getting off the plane.  They had my flight time but didn't call or email.  Wish they would send reminder about which need to be  paid in cash needed.

Got to San Diego airport around 10. Called cosmed and they said the driver old be there in about 30 minutes.  The assistant was helpful in getting me to the place where the driver was going to pick me up.
Pick up driver Peggy drove really fast but it was kind of fun.
Got through border fast.  We were stopped but the security border guard looked quickly through my book bag.
Got to cosmed close to noon.Cosmed is on 4th floor.
Signed forms for all separate surgeries.
Saw Castaneda within 15 minutes.
Fuentes was in surgery.  Told I would see him later.
Wasn't told to fast for blood work so I might have to come back later.
Castaneda took pics of face and body and he answered all my lipo questions. Spoke with him for about 10 minutes but his confidence that he could make good results made me feel a lot better. 
Waited in lobby a a few more minutes and a medical transport guy came and took a blood and urine sample.  He then asked for $45 which i thought they would have reminded me about. He came from outside the clinic dressed in a scrubs and then left the building  with a small cooler of my samples. Kind of strange since this is a huge medical facility.
Told I would discuss the final price after seeing Dr.  Fuentes. Waited about another hour for Dr.  Fuentes to get out of surgery.  Dr.  Fuentes answered all my question and told me that the bridge of my nose would appear slightly wider from the front due to the top of the hump being more narrow than the rest of the nose but hopefully it's not visible at all.  I've seen some examples where it's very noticeable do hope it's not at all. 
Paid the remaining balance with credit card and $700  for the anastasia fee which I was told in previous emails and quotes had to be paid in cash. I walked to my hotel (hotel Frontier) 10 minutes away with my book bag.  There's no pedestrian walking signs so you have to watch out for cars when crossing the streets on red lights. Got to the hotel at 230 and the front desk lady made me wait until 3 to check in.  Room wasn't bad for $40.  Sheets had some stains but nothing too bad.  Later I realized when I paid the remainder of my surgery balance they included the $700 which I also paid in cash (said I would get a receipt tomorrow for it which was strange) .  I walked back  to cosmed,  they canceled the first credit card payment then charged a new payment with 700 deducted.

Surgery in 30 min!

Surgery in 30 min!

Right after surgery

Pics of right after surgery. Surgeon recommended large or extra large chin implant but I asked if only a small or medium could be used since I didn't want to widen my chin and only add projection.i hope it's just the swelling that is making it project out so much and look so wide. Sr. Fuentes stopped by right after surgery yesterday just to see how I was feeling but neither doctor has stopped by today. . I had to ask if the doctors could check on me today multiple times and the most recent answer has been that Dr. Fuentes will see me after he is out of surgery. I'll post more about how yesterday went in more detail. So far it has not been a good experience.... Hopefully the end results will be as expected.

Right after surgery detailed

Got to clinic at 730am as I was told. No one there at all. 30 minutes later another patient arrives. She is taken back first. Dr. Fuentes brings me back 10 minutes later to take more photos. I ask again all I really want is to lift the tip amd remove as much of the human as possible without making the bridge wider visibly and use an implant that was similar to the morphed images without widening the chin. Everyone is very nice. They get me robed, set up the it, amd anastesiologist introduces himself says local will be used for the waist Lipo amd general for the rhino, oto , and a chin implant. I think surgery starts around 10am ish. Wake up around 430 pm and there is no one around except for a nurse who doesn't speak English. My chin hurts like crazy and my left ear is still bleeding. I use what Spanish I know and she puts on some gauze onthe ear and gave me some mild pain meds. The chin was hurting like crazy. The left ear is poking out farther than the right still. I lay there for about mother 45 minutes wondering what is suppose to happen next. Dr Fuentes comes by around 5ish and I tell him about my pain amd bleeding and he said that is normal. I was also told I would have a compression garment on for the Lipo but nothing was on me. I had to ask for one.

I thought I had an infection since I was Sweating so bad. I think think they may have just turned off the ac since it looked like I was the last one. I was extremely physically uncomfortable. I've had wisdom teeth removed, a tumor cut out of my upper jaw bone and none of those hurt as much as this chin implant.

I was eventually brought down to the recovery boutique which is very nice. However, I had again had to ask if I was going to get any pain medication or antibiotics. One nurse said she would check. Ten minutes later pain meds and antibiotics were brought but without instructions so I had to call back about how much to take and how often. Being in pain this is something you don't want to worry about. Was told someone would bring me written directions amd a under the nose dressing for my nose which was bleeding. Creed back amd someone came with the nose dressing and verbally told me how to take the meds. Took the pain and antibiotic pill. Pain pill wasn't helping so I called to see if I could take two. They said they would call the doctor. 30 minutes went by and I called again. 15 minutes later a nurse brought me two tylonol which actually helped take the edge off.

Nose hurt the least.  Could actually breathe really good right after surgery. Maybe it's still numb

Chin hurts the worst.  Even after pain meds and tylonol it still throbs really bad.

Ears hurt pretty bad.  Left one hurts the worst. And is poking out more for some reason....

Lipo- zero pain.  Castaneda only had one stich in the lower center of my back. I'm almost wishing I had him do the other procedures but he didn't have as many examples of facial work.

Really nice night nurse came by and checked on me,  checked temp,  gave ice,  check Lipo,  checked chin.  No one else had done any of that.

No Aftercare instructions given but am told I will be given some when I check out of the boutique on the 16.

The food is good but I just worry about how the nose, ears and chin will turn out...

Post op check up

Dr. Fuentes came by and said everything looks good and that ear asymmetry was due to swelling and the chin projection was also due to swelling. Didn't think any doctor was going to come but it really made me feel a lot better having him look everything over.

Forgot to mention

Forgot to mention that it was almost 7pm when he came to see me. He just got out of surgery which was nice.

Left ear farther away from skull than right ear

Left ear farther away from skull than right ear since post op. Dr. Fuentes says it's due to swelling.

Night time burst is awesome

The night time nurse is awesome. She is the only one who has xhangwdboit my bad ages. The other nurses are OK but she is exceptional so far.

Left the clinic today

Everyone at recovery boutique was really nice. Especially the night time nurse. She alway was checking on me. I woke up and had tons of blood down my neck from wear I mist have bumped my ear sleeping and she came in and bandaged it up for me. I never asked her name bit she was great. Dr Castaneda saw me this morning also. Even though he didn't do the facial procedures he noticed the ear looked farther from the skull and gave me a head band to wear to hopefully correct it. He also said the chin amd nose looked good. He also went and looked in my file for which size chin implant Dr. Fuentes used which turned out to be a large. I wanted a small or medium but hopefully it will turn out well. So far all I can really tell is that the right ear looks pretty good Haha.

2 days post pics

2 days post op pics

Stitch came out of chin

Apparently a stitch came out of the chin implant incision and a new stitch will be needed to be put back in on Monday. Dr Fuentes did reply to my email about it relatively quickly which was nice.

Follow up

Saw Dr. Fuentes today because of a stitch that came out two days ago. I was also extremely worried about having too much width from the front view with a large chin implant and how one ear was sticking out a lot more than the other. He reassured me that I am having a lot more swelling than most people do bit there is no infection. He said to be patient and wait for the final results.

Recovery boutique pics

I am glad I stayed there the two nights.l since I was in a lot of pain and had bleeding and got to see the doctors again. The food was great too.

5 days post op

5 days post op. Chin still seems like it may be too wide from the front. Hopefully it's just the swelling. The chin is still hurting pretty bad. Left ear swelling is decreasing and looking more simétricas with the other.

6 day follow up

Dr. Removed nose bandage and it looked good. He took pictures with the cast off but I'll take some a week from now . was with me for about 45 minutes total. Told me new bandage would fall off in about a week and then I would need to apply pressure to the sides of the bridge, top of the bridge, and massage tip for 10 minutes each night for a month. Answered all my remaining questions. One more follow up on Saturday before I fly out. Chin is still hurting pretty bad but tylenol is helping.

2 weeks

I'm really liking the profile so far. The front is a little wider but I was expecting that since no osteomity (spelling) was done. I'll some more in another 2 weeks.

Family Liked the New Nose

Didn't tell my family about the surgery because plastic surgery isn't something favored upon with them. Just saw them for the first time after surgery and they really liked it which was surprising and nice to hear.

Sensation Returning

More sensation is returning to the area between the nostrils. Has been totally numb since surgery. Still having to massage the tip of nose and press on sides and dorsal area for the next month for doctors orders.

So far Pretty Good

Dr. Fuentes still continues to answer all my questions which is awesome of him. The profile view I think is great but the one of the 3/4 views looks like a hump is still present. The Dr. said this may be a callus formation and requested I continue to apply light pressure in certain areas until 3 months. Overall though as of now, I'd definitely do it all again. I will give final reviews at 6 months.

3 months

Attached is the prep, 1 week and 3 month profile photo. I can't tell if the tip fell some or of its still swelling.

3 months

21 month update

21 month update. I like the improvement but I'd like to change a few things. Tell me what you think. Dr Fuentes said he would lift the tip of the nose a little more for free and straighten the edges (since at the right angle and lighting it looks bulbous) but I'm a little worried that it could make it worse. He also said he would revise the left ear for free as well. These are the best angles so the imperfections I see are little hard to notice. The last comparison picture is what I ideally would like. Thanks for your thoughts!
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