Accutane Changed my Life in Many Ways

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I come from a family with severe acne issues. My...

I come from a family with severe acne issues. My mom had cysts on her face and my dad had it on his back. My mom's brother and all my cousins have had severe acne and all have had to go on accutane.

I am the first born, so was the first to go on accutane. I went on it about 12 years ago when my skin started to scar from the cysts.

The accutane dried out the oils that were causing my acne. For the first time in my adult life I stopped breaking out every few days. I did not approach the mirror with anxiety anymore and I was able to use moisturizer. It was heavenly. All those lovely scented facial creams I was unable to slather on my face in the past were now part of my daily regimen. I began to feel normal and look good.

I took accutane for 20 weeks and it cleared my acne. There were negative side effects that I can't ignore: I developed very dry lips that still persist to this day, 12 years later. I also developed severe pain in my joints that subsided a few months after the treatment was complete. However I recently tore the meniscus in my left knee from minor stretching and wonder if it is linked to the drying out effects of the accutane. I also found during treatment that I was more absent-minded than usual.

My skin remained blemish free until 3 years ago when I started getting some light pimples around my chin. Recently the full blown, hard, painful, persistent cysts have started back again on my jawline, neck and even in my ear! I would give accutane another try but my husband and I are trying to get pregnant, so I will have to wait until another time.

I had a good 9 years of freedom with accutane and it has been a blessing. All my cousins have shown remarkable results too. Acne is such a debilitating condition. Don't beat yourself up if you have it; it is most likely beyond your control.

Accutane is expensive but I was covered by a health plan through my university. I was lucky. If you do take it, you can't drink alcohol or have unprotected sex. Usually the two go together, so you are probably safe! Make sure you go for your regular blood tests. But do give it a try if you are depressed about your skin. It really did change my life.

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