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My experience at Stanford was exceptional. With...

My experience at Stanford was exceptional. With every visit, Dr M listened patiently to all my complaints and concerns about my nose. With just a few visits, I felt that Dr M knew what I needed better than i did and so I kept asking him about what I should have performed. I explained to him that 45 minutes is not enough for my post operation recovery and he assured me that that is not the way they discharge patients and just in case, I would be pre-approved to stay and be monitored overnight. My mom was extra cautious with selecting a surgeon, having been by my bedside during my prior recovery periods, and she was very excited and optimistic to have Dr M work on me after doing some research on him on the Internet.

Going into the surgery I fully expected that my ear would be bandaged up as the surgery required soft bone for addition of support structure in the nose. I also fully expected to be packed up and have the dreaded pack removal after about a week. Going into the surgery and adding up all the associated costs of doing cosmetic work, i decided against that option as I am not the kind of person to spend that kind of money on enhancing my looks.

Coming out of surgery, I felt great. I had a general numbness around the nose but i had no pain. I was pleasantly surprised that i didn't have trouble breathing, that my throat wasn't sore from the tube, that my ear was untouched, and Dr M built up the nose structure from the bone that was available in the nose. I was pleasantly surprised that my nose didn't need to be packed and thought for sure we took some shortcuts and did not do all the things I needed. I felt so good that I was rushing to get out of the hospital and absolutely did not want to stay overnight. I was cheerful on the ride home and had tea and cake at home and my uncle was over to see and my mom marveled at the nose even with the cast on. I absolutely had no pain and always kept my vicadin bottle within arms length but did not take a single pill. The nose went from numb to regaining sensation without any pain.

And from what I can see, the nose looks absolutely great and functions great and I am only very very sad of how many years of torture I endured with my old broken nose. Dr M's work on my nose has been the work of God that we prayed for since my earlier nose surgery, but had to wait to receive, and we absolutely did. My only wish is that I had the work done sooner and my uncle keeps telling me that if the doctor is that good, then I should follow up with any additional work quickly, because according to him, good doctors 'move on' and don't stay in one place for too long.

My nose and my recovery and the results were absolutely phenomenal and I didn't expect so much success and good news with no gotchas. Frequently before bedtime i notice my nose and marvel at it's look and function and after about a year, i still can't believe how much it has improved and how i did without it for so long.


ps. if you have any specific questions that i can help with, please shoot me an email.

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Dr is caring, observing, patient, meticulous, talented, and skilled. If you have the opportunity to meet with him, please do yourself a favor and do not pass up the opportunity. He will be the standard by which you measure other doctors in every way.

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