Rhinoplasty: Healing to Get Bruised Again.

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Why I did it?I've always been self conscious about...

Why I did it?

I've always been self conscious about my face ever since I began high school. I hated looking at myself in the mirror because I was reminded - in a way - of my physical characteristics and the way they would be perceieved by others. I felt like there was a never ending spotlight over my head highlighting the flaws I had. I know that plastic surgery can't make everyone as beautiful as they wish they'd be, but I felt that by getting plastic surgery I would be able to retrieve some of that self confidence I had lost during my fours years of high school.

What I wanted?

I've always had an extremely big and crooked nose. I thought it was time to change that and see if there was any way I could look at least a little decent - just enough to feel a tad bit complacent with myself and be able to turn off that imaginary spotlight over my head.

What procedures?

I got a rhinoplasty done in order to minimize the size of my nose and straighten the bone and sides as much as possible. I felt it was extremely wide and bulbous.

I also got the excess skin under my eyes removed.

How are the results?

I'm fairly satisfied with the results. Looking at the before and afters is shocking. My nose looks more refined and smaller and it does fit my face more. The only thing I am not satisfied with is that my nose is still crooked, the sides, I feel, are still too big, and the nostrils are completely different. I am hoping that once the swelling goes down, my surgeon will be able to improve the way I look even more like he said he would by fixing those small problems.

The only thing I don't like about the procedure is that my nose feels really stiff right now and hurts if I try to clean the outer edges. I have read that these problems go away with the swelling. I hope the swelling goes down soon then.

Is it everything I expected?

I honestly thought, by watching shows like Extreme Makeover and Dr. 90210 where the patients have this new found confidence that I would be one of them. Although I do see a change I feel like I am still unattractive and won't be unless I get other proceudres done. My friends kept telling me that because I have low self - esteem and absolutely no confidence I would still feel the same no matter if the procedure did improve my face - they were right. I hope that with these touch ups, I'll look better and if I do, gain a little confidence.

I had pictures before, but I have taken them off. I will be adding updated pictures for all angles as soon as I take them.

I think that with how badly my nose looked, he made a significant improvement. I will be going back for a revision rhinoplasty just to fix a couple of things. The only reason I went to see him is because my friend looked astonishing after she got her rhinoplasty done by him. He does do a great job, is friendly, welcoming, and really talks to you about the changes you want and what would suit your face. He takes the time to analyze your face and see what you would benefit from.

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