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I wasn't sure about writing my journey on here,...

I wasn't sure about writing my journey on here, but here i am and here goes! First of all THANK YOU to everyone else who has had the courage to share their stories... Reading them has been amazing!
I really struggle with feeling guilty about it... Spending money on it feels selfish, and honestly I am embarrassed a little (not sure if others feel that way on and off?? Or I am a weirdo?! Lol)
I am also someone that doesn't hate/has hated my nose a lot my whole life which made me hold off for a while. It's not my best feature by any stretch BUT I always felt I could hide it with good shadowing and lots of powder:S lol BUT my insecurity comes from the place that I feel my outside doesn't match my inside... I am bubbly, young, happy, healthy and vibrant (at least I feel I am maybe others would disagree!) BUT I have always been told since I was 17 how much older I look than I am... I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what is so mature about my face (I have a child's body am very skinny, no boobs to speak of but that's another review that may be in my future:) lol ANYWAYS, I have come to the realization that since my nose is the centre of my face, and on the larger/bulbous side, that it is a big reason and contributor to my less than feminine/baby face situation.
Ok, got all the background out of the way! Soooooooo after researching far and wide, I believe I have found the best of the best, amazing reviews, incredible resources online (and an app) and loads of before and afters that look natural and fantastic, not pinched!
Drum roll!!!!!!!! Dr. Buonosissi!

I am so excited to meet with him and FINALLY, for the first time in my life, be able to get the input from one of the best board certified plastic surgeons (also a lead ENT guy too!) to help give me a more baby faced look which is what I want more than anything. I am going into it excited and hopeful... My theory is if they can change a man into a woman and vice versa, my request of being more cherub like can't be too unachievable:)

Well, will keep you posted for those who are interested or care to read. I am too scared to add photos yet, but may add those from the consult after tomorrow:)

Consultation was yesterday and I was feeling anxious about it...

The good stuff... Dr. Buonosissi is just as nice as everyone else has said; he is friendly, open, and I feel totally as ease and trust him. The office was super clean, modern and amazing, and Mandy is literally the best front desk/client manager ever! Lol but seriously, couldn't give any higher recommendation there.

The bad... Well, it sort of it tied to the good. As many people say, you will allays find someone to do what it is that you want, but finding an incredibly honest, talented and ETHICAL surgeon may be a difficult task... Well, that is Dr. Buonosissi. He did say I was a good candidate for a rhinoplasty and it would make my face appear more soft (feature wise) and feminine overall, but that there was literally no other procedures (which I asked him about) that would give me the baby face I want... Or more specifically, that if there WERE things he could do, he would not do them for the reason that it would make me look weird/less attractive than what I have to start with.

Sooooo after viewing the computer imaging (which was really great) I have decided to go ahead with the rhinoplasty... It may not achieve my ideal goal for my physical self, but it will create a softer look, which is a big part of it for me:)

My surgery is set for January 14 so will keep you posted!

Thought I would add my 'wish nose':) I think she looks amazing and just a lot softer/more feminine/cuter which is exactly what I

The other pic is a side profile of me (excuse the peeling I just had a peel done and am shedding like crazy!) you can see the hump and ball at the end, and basically how large it is, making me look not cute at all and very masculine.

Ahhhhh two weeks to go!!!!!! I am so nervous and trying to just not think about it! Lol

I am super scared about the twilight sedation because I am a MAJOR wimp so hopefully I can't feel anything or hear a lot of unpleasant sounds (or at least be out of it enough not to care! ) I am also feeling lots of guilt about spending the money on myself and am scared that it will look worse... Basically everything you could worry about, I am worrying about! I am basically just trying to literally forget about it and let the date creep up and really try to relax knowing that this surgeon is the best of the best. I know I am in good hands but as any control freak out there, it's super tough! Ok well not much else happening, I am picking up my prescriptions tomorrow and will start buying the post op supplies and stuff soon:)

It's done! I can't believe it's already done!

Last night I barely slept, and woke up around 2am and couldn't get back to sleep as my mind ran wild! What if it looks worse?! What If I feel everything with the twilight sedation?! What if?! What it?! What if?! Lol

It was kind of good though I just hung out and relaxed, had a shower, listened to music and got ready so at least I knew I would have lots of time to find the surgery centre. I had fasted since about 6pm that night, so was starving but honestly too nervous to eat which made it easier:)

When I arrived, the staff was amazing...made me feel totally at ease, and special not like a number:) I was so nervous about the pain, but the nurse so spent lots of time talking to me, and Dr. Buonosissi came I and spent some time making sure we were. On the same page, and also just to calm my nerves. You get a nice little room with a tv and a recliner, and you take some relaxing pills while you wait. I started to feel more comfortable.

When it was time to make my way into the operating room I got REALLY scared. Again, nurses were amazing and talked to me a lot which I liked. The IV was put in after a couple of tries which always stings a bit, but soon after the medicine started flowing. I started to relax, but could tell it wasn't in total effect yet. They explained that while the medicine was starting to work, Dr. B would be giving me a needle in my nose to numb the area. This was the worst part... It did hurt, I squirmed, and I swear there was 5 or more pricks inside there! Ouch! The good news, that's where the pain ended:) I did try to go to sleep, I kept my eyes closed, and I could feel him tugging, and I think I got tapped with a hammer or something... Also could feel the sawing of my bridge (by feel I mean I could hear, and felt the pushing and pulling sensation... NO PAIN! Yay!) Time passed quite quickly and I was so worried about feeling things, and other than the numbing needles (which yes, hurt a bit) everything else was amazing!

They make you hang out for an hour after or so and monitor you, and really just take great care of you. I am so happy with my decision to go with Dr. Buonosissi and am so excited to see the (hopefully amazing!) results! Waiting for a week to see will feel like forever! So based on my experience so far, and before seeing my final reveal, I couldn't be more impressed with dr. Buonosissi and his team! Stay tuned for my after pics:)
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon

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