5 Days Post Op

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Mexico Otolaryngologist

I was refered to him by a friend, the only thing that worried me was that he had no reviews on realself but after going with 3 different surgeons I decided to go with him. I liked him because he was the only doctor that told me he could straighten my deviated septum, he said he would leave my nose looking natural, and he does surgery in a hospital wich makes me a little more comfortable... the hospital isn't the nicest in tijuana but its decent, seems clean and the staff overall is pretty nice. So I booked my surgery for November 10th, got there at 7:30 am. They gave me a pill to calm my nerves, injected the IV and soon the doctor, nurse, and anesthiologist came in to introduce themselves. The surgery took about 4 hours, the worst part after surgery was my throat due to the tube they insert for you to breathe when using general anesthesia. My throat burned and i was really thirsty. So I was now in my room with my family and ice in my face to help with the swelling. I was in the hospital till about 8:30, during that time I slept for a few hours and was being taken care by my nurses which were taking care of putting ice on my face, changing my gauze and bringing me soemthing to drink and eat. At first they brought me only a liquid diet, and a few minutes before I left I had a chicken soup with vegetables which was pretty good. Before I left Dr.Lumban came in to check on me and give me my prescription for my medicine and explain a few things for my recovery. After that, I was taken to my car in a wheel chair by my nurse. One thing I was very happy about was that I was able to breathe perfectly!!! Untill the second day :( ... my nose was bleeding alot the second day and maybe it was my fault that I didn't clean it correctly but It was now full of blood clots. I could no longer breathe through my nose. Its day 5 today and im still not able to breathe through my nose, im still really swollen and have bruises on both my eyes. I have felt no pain, the only thing is ny nose sometimes burns a bit but thats all. I have not been able to see my nose so I cant tell you anything about that yet.. Tomorrow I will have my cast and splints removed so I will update my experience then!

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