Breast Implant Exchange from 525cc Saline to 800cc HP Inspira Natrelle with Mastopexy, Lipo on Arm Pit Folds and Inner Thighs

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So far right breast is so swollen bc I have three...

So far right breast is so swollen bc I have three kids and it's hard for me not to do laundry and pick up my 3 month old. Arm pit lipo only hurt for a couple days but bruises on left side that hasn't gone away 9 days after surgery. Thighs are bruised and still swollen and haven't yet seen a difference in size (probably bc I can't work out and I'm most likely gaining weight being a couch potato. Also just started reacting to the tape around nipples from mastopexy (they are inching so bad!! Going in today to help me with it. I have calamine lotion on it and not sure if that's even ok. I've been taking arnica pills to help with bruising and rubbing arnica hell on thighs and breast and haven't seen a difference in bruising. Right breast has rippling in the middle, not bc of the implant but bc of my previous stretch marks from kid # 2 being swollen and won't go down. I have the same problem on the left breast on the bottom.

Mastopexy tape for stitches causing irritation.

Getting prescribed a steriroid for 3 days and got tape off to help with itchy itchy bumps!!!

Itchy stitches from tape update

The steriroid for the stitches insidious did not work!! Made both sides worse and inflamed! I took hydrocortisone cooling gel and got a little more relief and then ended up haveing calamine lotion on the for two days, scrubbing that off with hibiclinse and now they are red but not as itchy and I put neosporin on the stitches. Doctor said I just have txt sensitive skin and serious normally works but to now just use baby soap and nothing else.

Now I have a hematoma in left breast!!

So I thought I was engorges with milk all of a sudden! My right breast is so painful, really swollen and becoming black and blue on the left side of it. But I have a small amount of milk coming out of both nipples. Going in for surgery this morning to have a drain put in for the next week! Had to cancel my 30th birthday party this weekend ;( ...

Draining hematoma

I finally feel some relief! It was like one breast was just filling up and up and up and was going to explode and the pain was unbarable! They cleaned all the blood out said it all looked brown bc it was old and now I have a drain in the next couple days. I emptied it out once and had measured 40 and now it's hardly filling with anything which is a good sign! They are also looking more symmetric! And it 3 am and my surgery was at noon (technically yesterday) the drain site was killing me when I woke up!! But the perkacet made me feel a ton better!!

Before and after

Just last night to this morning!!

24 hours after putting drain in.

It feel better but the drain site hurts. I went to change the dressings and saw the it was just a bunch of gauze around it. So I stuffed new gauze around it. Bit has no tape or bandaid which makes me uneasy... I don't want it to fall out...

Nipples are healing nicely

Everything is now healing and feeling like it's all going in the right direction now! :)

Left side on picture (my right still hasn't "dropped") meaning the muscle is still tight but it's feeling better! I get stitches out of my nipples tomorrow! I can't wait! Still have a ring of irritation around my stickers from previous outbreak but it doesn't itch or hurt anymore! Can't wait for it to start looking normal!

Didn't get stitches out today :(

Doctor said bc the tape irritated me and we had to take it off I have to have an extra week of stitches! ;( but I got a good boob report! They are both dropping nicely and no more hematomas thank god!
Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon

He's so nice! Very accomadaiting and was at first being conservative not wanting to put 800cc's in my until he measured my breast size and they fit perfect. I was 16cm and the implant is 15.5 across.

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