2 previous surgeries, 3 more with Dr. Kim. But a happy ending!

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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Well, let me start with how my journey began. I had 2 previous surgeries with Dr. Ciardullo in NY and was unhappy with the size and placement. My breasts looked far apart and I was told by various doctors (on the east coast) that it would be impossible to get my breasts closer together because of my structure. I let it go for many years until I saw a comment on fb on someone else's photo with me in a bikini top saying something along the lines of "her boobs are 5 miles apart". The thing is, I already knew I had this issue but I never heard anyone comment on it before that. I immediately began my search, this time, all over the United States! Of course, I ended up in Beverly Hills! Dr. Kim's breast aug revisions were perfect and I knew he would be able to fix my issue with placement. I sent photos, got a prompt response, followed their extensive protocols regarding exam and testing, and was on my way to the plastic surgery capital of USA ! My consult went well, I previously read that he wasn't much of a people person so I cut right to the chase with very specific, relevent questions. He answered them all and I felt confident about surgery the next day. Fast forward, I woke up with 800cc of silicone knockers, no more 500cc saline separated weird boobs! Fast forward to about 6 months later, I Began to see my right Breast lower than my left. They were both soft and normal-looking, just uneven. I went through too much to have this eat away at me, so I emailed him some photos and off I went again. His plan was to lift the lower breast. I was weary about it because they were 800cc and I had thin skin; what would keep it from falling back down? I went through with it and guess what happened.... Yup. It fell. Back to CA the following year. So now January 2016 I go back and we decided to lower the left breast to match the right. I had to hire a nurse because at this point no one wanted to travel to CA to take care of me and I was already quite embarrassed from the whole ordeal. I am happy to report that I have the perfect set now, and even through all of problems, I would still recommend Dr. Kim for revisions and primary. The cleavage and fall of my boobs are excellent and I didn't think it was possible given my thin frame and gap in between my breasts.

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