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I am writing a review about a Rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Rady Rahban. First of all I wanted to have rhinoplasty forever. When I was18 yrs. old, I went to a plastic surgeon. My dreams were crushed when the plastic surgeon said he wouldn’t do my nose because my skin was just too thick and my nose would not look good. He compared my nose to the thickness of a down comforter where most people’s skin is like a sheet. Fast-forward 20 yrs., I decided to try it again. I went to a plastic surgeon that had a nice web site and seemed to do good noses. But, when I went to the office he showed me an image on a computer of what my nose would look like. He never discussed complications or what he would do to achieve this look. I was in and out and red flags went up for me immediately. My next visit with a plastic surgeon was with Dr. Rahban. First of all the staff was very kind to squeeze me in on a very full Saturday. Dr. Rahban spent over an hour talking to me about my nose. He is a very straight shooter who speaks simply so you can understand what he is saying. He addressed the fact that I did have thick skin and that was something that couldn’t be changed. He told me I would never have a “button nose” and I appreciated his honesty. He told me my nose could be improved and then went on to tell me how he would accomplish that. I was happy to hear he had a game plan and knew what he would do with my nose even before I went into surgery. I asked him all kinds of questions about how a nose job could affect me and he was able to answer them all with honesty and set my mind at ease. I was also happy to hear that he was on the same page with me that I want to improve the appearance of my nose but not at the sake of my nose’s integrity. He was completely on board with this and I think this is why he made such a huge deal to me that he could not give me a button nose. He said to check out other doctors but warned me if they promised me a small button nose that the integrity of my nose was at stake. He explained it to me like this, if the nose under the skin is like a pencil, we can shape and change that. Then when you lay the skin back down on top of that pencil, each skin type is different and will change the way that pencil looks. So, if your skin is like a sheet of paper, the definitions in the pencil will really show through. If your skin is like mine, let’s say 15 pieces of paper, the definition will be less. I loved his analogy. I was also very impressed with his before and after photos. Which I found out he takes himself because the man pays attentions to details. He is a stickler for the little things and that is important to me it tells me a lot about a person. I ended my search for a doctor and scheduled my surgery with Dr. Rahban. My surgery went great! It was not as painful as I thought which Dr. Rahban had said. Truly the hardest part for me was taking it easy for 6 weeks because I felt so great. I have been very happy with my nose; it feels like the nose I was suppose to have without being so obvious I had work done. It really is a masterpiece; I know noses can be extremely difficult to do. Believe me I’ve seen some horrible ones and read horror stories. I kept telling Dr. Rahban, “I’d prefer to have rhinoplasty and have no one able to tell. Don’t loss my noses integrity it’s more important to me than my vanity.” That is exactly what Dr. Rahban did. If you are considering Rhinoplasty I give a full-hearted recommendation for Dr. Rahban. Listen to what he tells you and go in with realist expectations and I know you will be completely satisfied and as happy as I am. Dr. Rayban and his staff exude professionalism, genuine kindness and provided an overall amazing experience. Thank you for a wonderful experience! Warmest regards, Tamara

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