Recent Postgraduate who wanted to improve his Nose for his graduation picture!

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Manchester Otolaryngologist

I had been to many consultations before but after my first sit down with Dr Tahery I was convinced immediately that he was the person I wanted to go ahead with. He first listened to what my concerns were, my back story and what lead me to wanting to consider and go ahead with such a procedure. He then took on board everything I said and examined by nose before giving me honest feedback on where there is potential and room for improvement in my nose and the realistic expectations I could expect as a result of surgery. This was a refreshing change from everyone else i had seen as his openness and honesty proved that he genuinely cared for the patient and wanted the best for them with the realms of reality. He showed me examples of his previous work (all of which produced outstanding results) and this helped further assure me that he was the right person for the job. He gave me time to think things through and give discuss with my family and friends and told me how long the realistic recovery time is and the protocol for ensuring the healing process goes smoothly. One the day of my surgery he came to visit me before the procedure at my bed to go over what will commence and give me reassurances to calm the nerves that I had which helped greatly! After the surgery I was in a splint for 6 days and followed a instructional guide personally written up by Dr Tahery which contained all the key information and instructions post surgery to help with the healing and recovery time. I followed this all word for word and so this post operative period was much more effective in recovery time. After 6 weeks from getting me splint removed I had a follow up check up with Dr Tahery so he could track and monitor the progress of the healing and swelling and even though results are seen approximately a year into the post operative stage, my nose had already taken up the shape we had both agreed and hoped for! And over time the swelling lessened and the results got better and better day by day. The best thing you can wish for is for a person not to even realise you've had your nose worked out and that the new nose you see is natural and thats exactly what I got and couldn't be happier! Overall if you want a Practitioner who is trustworthy, true to his word, and has a genuine passion for what he does with your best interests in mind and who delivers the best results every single time then hand of heart I would recommend Dr Tahery to you. But honestly don't just take my word for it, get in contact with him and just from your initial conversation you will agree with everything I have said!

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