Best Doc in NYC/NJ for Rhinoplasty - Englewood, NJ

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My nose was fine until my teens when I developed a bump from the side that continued to get worse as I grew older. I began to hate it so much I actually wouldn't let people see me from the side; I'd go to great lengths to hide my profile. The front wasn't perfect, but it was ok, and I was always considered attractive and was too scared to get surgery on my face that could potentially change my looks. I heard too many horror stories and was scared that I'd end up w/ a "nose job" nose, a "ski-slope" nose, etc. A few years ago, right before my 40th birthday, I got to the point where my nose was killing my self-esteem. In general, I felt it made me look older, and not only did the bump bother me, but my nose started to droop and my septum had become destroyed from chronic steroid and other spray use along with sinus issues, etc. I decided I had to do something. I live in NYC and am surrounded by renowned plastic surgeons, with Dr. Tobias being one of them. I boiled an extensive list of surgeons (based on friend's experiences, reviews, other doctor's recommendations, etc.) down to four or five highly reputable doctors including Dr. Tobias. I saw each doctor (I don't remember the order) and Dr. Tobias was an easy and quick choice. He specializes in noses--rhinoplasty is the only procedure he does. Period. He has been doing rhinoplasties for years, and constantly refines his procedures. (I think he even considers himself obsessed with nose surgery!) That alone was a huge selling point. There were other factors that made me choose him as my surgeon as well. It was very important for me to have a natural-looking nose. I explained that I only wanted to shave the bump down and lift and stabilize the tip. I was clear that I wanted to look like me--not anyone else--just me, but better. Me with my "before" nose when I was young. He was crystal clear that his philosophy was precisely that: he works with your nose and facial features to create the most ideal and suitable look for your face. In fact, if one has an unrealistic idea of how he/she should look, he won't do it. This was important to me as I was very afraid that surgery would make me look different. Finally, he only does "closed" rhinoplasty, which, after extensive research, I learned is considered a better approach than "open" surgeries. Once I booked my surgery, I was actually excited to do it and confident I found the right doctor. We met a few times prior to go over all of the specifics, to confirm exactly what he would do and what I wanted, and to make sure my questions were addressed and any fears quelled. It's now two and a half years later, and my only complaint is that I didn't do the surgery with him sooner! My self-esteem is so much better; I love my nose, and my profile. It's natural and I look like a better, younger version of me. In fact, only friends who know me really well were able to pinpoint what it was that made me look so much better. Moreover, I had a very delicate septum (I was in danger of my septum collapsing so it was almost like a revision rhinoplasty) and every doctor I saw told me they would have to use my ear cartilage to fix my septum; Dr. Tobias was actually able to avoid this and used the cartilage shaved from my bump to fix the internal construction/hold up my nose, keep it in place and maintain the tip. I healed quickly and rather painlessly. Dr. Tobias is truly a master at what he does. His staff is friendly and the hospital he uses (outside of Manhattan in NJ) is excellent. All around, my experience was excellent, and I recommend anyone seeking rhinoplasty to use Dr. Tobias.

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