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Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

I needed revision surgery for a deviated septum. It was important for me to have the correction done to improve my breathing and aesthetics of my nose, however, I didn’t want to look different, if that makes sense -which it did for Dr. Smith. I was very pleased with the entire process. Over the course of 5yrs, I met with 3 different surgeons before meeting Dr Smith. It took so long because I only wanted to meet with surgeons that were referred to me by people I knew who had similar procedures done. I hadn’t met any of Dr Smith’s patients before meeting him. He was actually referred to me by the 3rd surgeon I saw. This surgeon was very confident that Dr Smith would be able to help me. My consultation with Dr Smith was very different than my previous consultations with the 3 other surgeons. He took his time listening to me, looking at pictures of my parents. He answered my questions before I could even ask them. He understood what I was looking for. He was honest and straight forward on what was possible and to what specific percentages of risks, possibilities, corrections and improvements etc. He drew up sketches of my face, nose and profile and addressed each concern of mine with sketches and words, which made it very easy for me to understand, as a visual and auditory learner. He explained the process and was very confident and knowledgeable, which made me feel at ease. He is very approachable and easy to talk to. In fact, everyone in his office was wonderful, warm and inviting. The procedure itself went great. I was one of the unlikely few who swallowed a lot of blood so except for the nausea, I didn’t feel much pain post-surgery, only a slight discomfort which eased once the stints were removed. I reduced the dose of pain killers the 2nd day and didn’t have to take any by the fourth day. I was even able to go out in public by the fourth day. I had a mute sense of smell prior to the surgery but about a week post-surgery, I was gaining it back. It was a surprising bonus. As for the results, I am impressed my nose is perfect. Every issue that I wanted addressed has been corrected. I can’t say I didn’t have any doubts that I would be happy as I knew there were risks since this surgery was a revision. Despite the risks, which Dr. Smith discussed with me, he was able to achieve exactly what we were hoping for. When I was a child, I was bullied and beat up which caused the breathing difficulty and changed the appearance of my nose. Every time I looked in the mirror, it didn’t feel like I was looking at a reflection of myself. I was reminded of an unpleasant time. Emotionally, I had moved on but physically I was still holding on but now that the surgery is done, when I look in the mirror, I don’t think about the surgery or the bullying. I see myself just as I should be. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Smith for helping me look the way I feel. I could continue talking about how experienced and amazing Dr. Smith and his staff are, but I don’t need to. It will be apparent from your first call to his office.

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