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New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr Kassir online in November of 2015, after spending several weeks googling NYC’s best rhinoplasty surgeons. I’m 27 now and have wanted nose surgery since I was 15. I had a severely deviated septum so I have always had trouble breathing, but even this I could live with – my biggest insecurity and source of deep dissatisfaction with my appearance was that my nose has always been way too big for my face. It pointed downwards (kind of like a hook), was very crooked especially when I smiled, and had been progressively getting worse over the years. I had some extended time off in December of 2016, and I was determined to finally get this procedure done. I set up 6 consultations with NYC’s top surgeons in the last week of November and set out to visit each office one Saturday, starting with Dr Kassir. Long story short – I cancelled the other 5 after my consultation with Dr. Kassir. He has a demeanor that immediately puts you at ease, and it is very apparent from talking to him for just a few minutes that he has a tremendous level of knowledge, talent, creativity and expertise in this field, especially for ethnic rhinoplasty (I’m Indian). Not to mention the fact that he does like 6 nose surgeries back to back on a typical surgery day at his facility. Picking the right surgeon for this surgery is such a stressful task, and I can’t explain the relief I felt when I met him – I immediately knew I was making the right choice. I worked with the office and told them how I wanted to get this done in December; they worked around my schedule and slotted me in right away. Caveat: this is not a cheap surgery and it is generally not covered by insurance, so I did pay a lot but it was worth every penny. Surgery day was seamless, and I’m being a 100% honest when I say there was absolutely no pain involved during or after the procedure - just discomfort as it relates to stuffiness, having a cast on your nose for a week, and dealing with a bleeding nose for the initial few days. When the cast comes off, he tells you that there’s still a long way to go and that the appearance of the nose will continue to change as the swelling reduces. Let’s just say – I’d even be happy with the nose I had as soon as the cast came off. I couldn’t believe how perfect it turned out, how it maintained my ethnicity, how it finally fit my face, how I could finally breathe perfectly, how I finally had the nose I was always supposed to have. It’s now 9 months later, completely healed, and I’m just incredibly grateful for ever having crossed paths with Dr. Kassir. Best decision I ever made.

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