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36yr Old Newbie and Lovin Life!

I always had beautiful skin until genetics caught up with me at 27....severe adult acne. To this day just the change that happened to me will forever scar me literally and emotionally. I just so happened to be in Cosmetology school and had an instructor who was certified to do TCA and so I... READ MORE

Retin- A Micro 48 Yr Old Male - New York, NY

I've been using retin-a for years ( tretinoin) I love it. It works wonders- I take breaks from it during the summer just because I'm outside more. I've been using the micro for the last few years it's great. I think it works better than the cream. I had the peeling and redness when I started on... READ MORE

Two Years Retin A Use, by Far the Best Commitment for my Skin I've Ever Made. - Great Britain, GB

I live on the coast and never bothered with sunscreen. In fact I loved the sun kissed appearance of mild sun burn. Nothing pleased me more than the feel of the sun on my face. Then people started to think I was older than my elder brother. Worse, I began to not recognise the face in the mirror.... READ MORE

Needing Reassurance. Joplin, MO

Hi! I am 43, an ex-sun worshiper, and I used to work at a tanning salon...needless to say I have skin issues! Even with all the tanning in my younger years ( I quit at around 32 or 33.) I have always looked younger than my age, but since I turned 40 I'm really starting to notice the sun spots,... READ MORE

Retin-a Micro--a Must Have! - Athens, GA

After getting the implanon, my skin was at its worst. My doctor failed to mention to me that it was pure estrogen, but my skin did not. I wanted my flawless skin back. First I saw a new doctor and got my implanon removed. Then I saw a dermatologist for the first time ever, and she prescribed me... READ MORE

Retin A, Aczone, and Doxycycline Review - Cary, NC

I've had moderate acne since I hit puberty and parts of my face are very red due to picking and some light scarring. The only thing I've ever done routinely is wash my face, usually once daily with Neutrogena deep cleanse. I went to the dermatologist on March 20th and was placed on this... READ MORE

Bad for Sensitive Skin

Suddenly starting from the June-12 i am getting lot of acne, it might be due to stress or lot of chocloates or hormonal change but i am not sure. However it is universal truth that it leads to depression. I started with some home remedies but it made my acne more worst. I was frustrated and went... READ MORE

Enlarged Pores, Flaky Skin, More Acne

I've been using Retina A for over a month now. My dermatologist prescribed it to me for redness in my cheeks. Since then my pores have gotten HUGE, and my skin is still flaky. My cheeks are more red now too. I use the clarisonic Mia 2 w/ a gentle cleanser, a witch hazel based toner, Cerave... READ MORE

Retin A and Obagi Whitening - Saint Petersburg, FL

Just started the Obagi and retin a treatment for melesama, anti aging and texture issues. First week noticed improvement on texture face is way smoother. Haven't seen improvement yet for the dark spots. FYI I like my rosacea because it looks like flush. This treatment will not touch the redness.... READ MORE

Skinceuticals Retinol 1.0 for 2 Weeks - Cincinnati, OH

This is my second week into using Skinceuticals Retinol 1.0. My approach (which was ver zealous one) was to use it every night before bed for 2 weeks straight. Please do not ask me why I came up with that idea...and yes, I realize the approached was idiotic. I made it to 5 nights and had... READ MORE

8.5 Week Retin A Update - Boston, MA

Hey everyone, I started dealing with adult acne about 1.5 years ago. My face pretty much out of nowhere just started getting heavy breakouts mostly on my cheek area . However, sometimes my forehead would get them as well. In those 1.5 years I literally tried EVERYTHING under the sun to battle... READ MORE

43, 2 Kids, Wrinkles, Acne, Rosacea, Blackheads, Age Spots - Canada

I am in LOVE with retin a!! After years of trying every product I could get my hands on for acne treatment, wrinkles, age spots, etc....I finally have an all-in-one that works. Read the science behind it - it's one of the only product that is scientifically proven to work. It's the ONLY... READ MORE

21 Years Old Medical Student - Pakistan

I started using A Ret about 3 weeks ago and have experienced scarring and redness and peeling of skin. i also use sAstid soap which contains salicylic acid. i read that using this combination can irritate skin more . i have sensitive skin. can somebody suggest a milder soap and a good... READ MORE

My Experience with Tretinoin 0.01%. Albuquerque, NM

Hi there, so it's only been a couple weeks, but I am seeing a difference in my skin. My skin is extremely oily, sensitive, acne-prone, etc. I originally saw a dermatologist about Accutane, but she quickly made a case talking me out of that. Instead she said to give topicals a fighting chance... READ MORE

Its Miracle Trust Me. Delhi, NY

Finally finally finally i got one and only thing to get rid of my acne or i can say pus pimples white heads.well let me reval to you my previous experience and history of my skin.i am blessed with crystal fair and clean complexion. In my teenage around 18 i started getting big pimples mainly... READ MORE

Retin A...REALLY - Portland, OR

I've used Retin A for 3 years now, slowing increasing the strenght to .1%. I've dealt with nothing but red, irritated, peeling skin to this day. I tell my derm who says to "be patient and don't give up." I was stupid to listen to that for 3 years! I have dry peeling scaly skin; my self esteem is... READ MORE

45 Years Old with Two Kids - Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

I want to start my story about retin A and why i used that . Although i cared a lot about my skin and applied best commercial creams , fruit masks, avoid sunshines , having good nutritions, i remarked that my face skin is not fresh it's somehow dark and not harmonic with my body skin. A doctor... READ MORE

Retin-A Day 16

Ok, I am on 0.1% retin-a every night, I have used retin-a before so I had this left over. I tried the 0.025 before too and it really is not as effective as the 0.1%, trust me. Anyhow, I took like a year break from retin-a and holy cow my skin looked like crap without it. Trust me all women need... READ MORE

Retin-A Has Made Me Break Out More. Unsure - Los Angeles, CA

Im not sure if retin a is working. I have used it for the past 3 weeks and havent seen that much improvement. It made me break out more and made my skin turn red. some parts of my skin r a little bit more smoother though, others dry. Im going to keep going with the treatment for one more month,... READ MORE

Retin A for Acne and Age Spots

Me first: oilish skin, with the “at least twice a month” huge pimple and many black heads, age spots and a few wrinkles. Mainly using Retin A to fight age spots and pimples. Started Retin A at the beginning of October. Every night , gel 0.025. Was looking like a teenager with acne for the... READ MORE

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