Giving Retin-A a Try!

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I have decided to begin my Retin-A journey to help...

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I have decided to try Retin-A to help improve the texture of my skin and combat the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. My first application was last night, it was meant to be a test spot, but the cream came out so fast when I opened the tube that I ended up treating both cheeks! My skin tolerated the Retin-A very well, no redness or irritation so far. I also have the 0.05% and will move up if my skin does well with the 0.025%.

Stay tuned....

Day 2

So far so good...I have a tad bit of redness this morning, but nothing major. 

My skin is starting to feel sensitive.

I am noticing that my skin is feeling tight and sensitive, like a slight sunburn. I may slow down and try every other night, we'll see how it goes tonight. 

As for keeping my skin hydrated, I'm using a few things: sukin - it's light and perfect for daytime use and it's all natural and affordable. I'm also using my homemade Shea Butter and Coconut Oil skin cream, it's so wonderful and super moisturizing - you just need to allow some time for it to soak in as it feels a little greasy when first applied. (It works great on the feet too)

Also, I included the facial cleanser I use, it's by Dr. Andrew Weil, amazing stuff, non-irritating. 

I believe that what we feed our bodies is important as well, so I keep a very clean diet -- with the exception of dark chocolate...just a few, well maybe more...pieces. I drink lots of smoothies full of veggies and some fruit, to that I add hemp oil, chia seeds and coconut oil. I also take a daily dose of MSM, if you've never heard of that, please look it up, it's wonderful on so many levels -- note, I'm not an expert, just sharing my routine and what works for me -- do your own research before starting any new supplement. I also take Brahmi Powder, for many reasons -- it's an Ayurvedic herb which is great for the immune system, boosts energy - and great for hair and skin. So that's what I'm doing...hoping for results!

Day 3

I am doing great, I used did a full application last night and other than some dryness, my skin feels fine. I actually used a tad under my eyes mixed with cream and had no bad reaction -- whew. Thanks for the tip RealSelf Doctors! 

Is It Safe to Use Retin A Under the Eyes?  

Took a Break!

Ok, so it was going really well - then by the end of day 3 the redness, tight sore sunburn-like effects kicked in, so I took a break. I will see how I feel tonight and possibly do a treatment. 

Skipped a Few Days

I gave my skin a break from treatments for a few days, I resumed application on Tuesday evening and again last night, no irritation so far, I will take a break tonight. Thanks to everyone who has joined me on my journey so far and for your helpful comments. 

Going Good!

I am happy to report that my Retin-A treatment is going well. I have been using it every night this week without any harsh redness or irritation. 

I don't see any improvements yet, but of course it's too soon into my journey to see results. 

I am trying to figure out when to move up in strength, what do you all think? 

Really Red Face

Things have been going well, my skin isn't as dry - however, it's really red, so red in fact my family mentioned it at dinner last night, they say I look like I have a sunburn. 

This has made me rethink moving up to the next strength, which I haven't done yet. I am also going to apply every second night now. 

Redness is going away

I should have snapped a photo the other day to show how red it was, I took one today, it's hard to tell in a photo, but it's still a bit red and dry, but not very flaky. 

Oh No! A New Wrinkle Under My Eye!

Oh oh, I think I used Retin-A to close to my eyes! I usually do place a little mixed with cream under my eyes, but this morning I noticed a new wrinkle or crack and  it feels a little tender - like a new scratch. 

Skin is Feeling Smooth!

I'm happy, the other day I was resting my hand on my face and was like -- what is that my skin, it feels so smooth! 

I can't notice much of a visual difference yet, but my skin is certainly softer - with the exception of some slight dryness, but I don't have the harsh dry skin around my chin/lips anymore -- and that suspected wrinkle is gone, whew!

ChloeVeronique reminded me to allow my skin to dry a minimum of 15 minutes before application, and I think that really helped with the post-treatment redness and irritation. I usually wash my face about an hour before bed now, then apply right before I go to bed. 

I still don't use it every night, I probably could now, but to be honest, sometimes I just forget. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season! 

Skin is Feeling Refreshed!

I'm pretty happy with how my skin is looking, it looks really refreshed and has a nice glow-- it also appears that my pores are smaller. My husband actually said that my skin looks better without makeup on! 

Not much else to report, I am still using the 0.025% and I am considering moving up in strength tonight. 

Happy New Year everyone!

Here We Go — I Started 0.05%

I finally made the jump from 0.025% to 0.05% — so far so good! 

I did my first application last night and haven't noticed any difference yet, but I know that it can take a few days to see a reaction. 

Wish me luck! 

4 Days into 0.05%

So far so good! I've only applied it once because I wanted to give it some time to see how my skin reacted. 

The next day I noticed nothing, I was shocked, I expected some dryness, redness or peeling —nothing! On day three...the dryness started, but you know wasn't as bad as when I started .025%.  

One thing I really must say is that the best way to moisturize my skin is with my homemade shea and coconut oil butter bar. I only have to do it once a day and my skin is so soft!

I am going to use it tonight...if I don't forget!!

I will be sure to keep my review updated. 

Still Going Strong...

I thought it was time for an update and a funny story. So today, my face was so dry and flaky and I was in the change room at a clothing store and I looked in the mirror and was like...oh no, I looked like I was shedding my skin. I had no moisturizer on me, but I had chapstick! And yes, I used was hilarious....and you know what, it actually worked really well! Anyways, nothing much new — I'm applying 2-3 times per week and my skin reacts the same, red and flaky. I do have some cool stuff to share, I am using Thermal Spring Water throughout the day, and it's so soothing. It was expensive and I was feeling like "did I just pay $27 for water?" but it really does make your skin feel refreshed and it's actually really nice to set makeup with, especially being my skin is so dry. I decided to buy a new moisturizer, but I'm not sure that I like it, it's very thick and is a high SPF, which is why I purchased it with summer on it's way. The reason I'm not so thrilled with it is because of how thick it is and it almost leaves a white film and I think makes my skin look drier... hmmmm, will give it a few more tries. I do love the Clinique Clarifying Lotion, stings at first, but leaves my skin feeling extremely soft after. Not much of a report, overall doing is looking good, has a nice glow but nothing drastic yet. 

I Think This Was a Compliment....

So, I'm sitting at my desk and my son walks by and says "too much makeup mom" ....but I am not wearing anything other than face cream — so I will take that as a compliment and a sign that my skin tone is improving! 

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