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36yr Old Newbie and Lovin Life!

I always had beautiful skin until genetics caught up with me at 27....severe adult acne. To this day just the change that happened to me will forever scar me literally and emotionally. I just so happened to be in Cosmetology school and had an instructor who was certified to do TCA and so I... READ MORE

Retin A..Tretinoin Newbie Review Day 1...36 Yo

Day side effects. My skin is olive complexion (half Korean :/) blackheads on my nose a few on chin, breakouts occasionally and mostly around menstrual cycle and few slight wrinkles forming under eyes. I had a few blemishes to begin with as well. After reading several articles I'm going... READ MORE

Mid 40s African American F - New to Trying Retin A Micro 0.08% Main Concern Hyperpigmentation

Overall I can't say that I have a lot of complaints. For the most part my skin as been ok. I have gotten compliments even from dermatologist that . Most of my concern's have been hormonal breakouts. But the bane of existence has been my uneven skin tone. My forehead and sides of cheeks are,... READ MORE

Retin A 36 Years Old Acne and Anti Aging - Saint Petersburg, FL

I completed Aczone 6 months ago and two rounds of doxy, along with birth control to control my 20 year treatment resistant acne. I let my skin settle into a very minimal skin care routine and started retin A six months after the worst of the acne was over. My skin before aczone and doxy was... READ MORE

Needing Reassurance. Joplin, MO

Hi! I am 43, an ex-sun worshiper, and I used to work at a tanning salon...needless to say I have skin issues! Even with all the tanning in my younger years ( I quit at around 32 or 33.) I have always looked younger than my age, but since I turned 40 I'm really starting to notice the sun spots,... READ MORE

40, Mild & Painful Adult Acne&wrinkles. Belton, TX

I have creases and fine lines on my cheeks, crows feet at eyes, horizontal lines at nose ridge, lines in forehead, and a few threatening lines at lip and a above eyebrow . I also have been getting painful and ugly pimples around chin and jaw line, sometimes at forehead and hairline . Sun... READ MORE

43 Years Old...some Sun Damage and Occasional Breakouts. - Akron, OH

I've been using Retin-A Micro .1% for 16 weeks now. At first I broke out some and I was dry and peeling. I used Vanicream moisturizer and because I used it religiously I was never terribly red or irritated looking. I used only warm water to wash my face at first because everything seemed too... READ MORE

43 Minimal Signs of Facial Aging - Hanover, PA

Began Applying Retin A 0.050 approximately ten days ago. I am using it every other night. I am experiencing phenomenal results,facial skin is smooth and brighter, firmer,sun damage has minimized and overall no side effects. Very,very minor peeling and I mean minor. I will continue using the... READ MORE

My Retin-A Journey - Walnut Creek, CA

I am 43 years old and starting to notice fine lines around my eyes. I have received my first prescription for Retin A trenitoin cream in 0.025% strength, for a generic cream version. I will document the evolution of my treatment here to pay it forward :) thank you to all who have posted their... READ MORE

Retin - A Saved my Self Esteem

I live in Australia and hadn't ever bothered with sunscreen as a result I built up years of sun damage and at 44 ended up with awful skin, pigmentation wrinkles, sunscreen and retin- a use over 2 years has helped soften wrinkles and even out skin tone, I use 0.5% It's a long term commitment ,... READ MORE

Hair Loss from Retin A

I just want to start by saying I am VERY prone to hair loss. From the age of 14 i have suffered from it. My pattern in diffuse thinning and more severe at to the crown, just behind the hair line, especially at the centre. This pattern is very common for women. I have hashimotos disease, and was... READ MORE

This Stuff Really Works - San Francisco, CA

I have been dealing with hormonal acne since the birth of my daughter in 2005. It was rare that I would have a lot of visible, large pimples, but I had a lot of comedones on my face which kept getting worse year after year. I used a lot of over the counter products over the years without results... READ MORE

42 Years Old; Acne Since I Can Remember; Oily Skin - London, GB

Great skin texture/ very soft (although I have quite a lot of acne scars), less spots. If I get a spot it dissapears in 24-48 hr and heals quickly. Using Retin A as a night time cream for nearly 2 years now, I can see I have reduced sebum production and therefore less acne (the odd spot when... READ MORE

43, 2 Kids, Wrinkles, Acne, Rosacea, Blackheads, Age Spots - Canada

I am in LOVE with retin a!! After years of trying every product I could get my hands on for acne treatment, wrinkles, age spots, etc....I finally have an all-in-one that works. Read the science behind it - it's one of the only product that is scientifically proven to work. It's the ONLY... READ MORE

Retin A Cream, 36 Year Old Female, Wrinkles, Light Acne, 11 Months, Used on Entire Body - Roseburg, OR

I developed light adult acne on my cheeks that looked sorta like a rash that got worse when I wore foundation. I started my treatment with an oral antibiotic along with .025 strength Retin A. I used it every day. After the first six weeks, I was able to stop taking the oral antibiotic. I use... READ MORE

Retin A...REALLY - Portland, OR

I've used Retin A for 3 years now, slowing increasing the strenght to .1%. I've dealt with nothing but red, irritated, peeling skin to this day. I tell my derm who says to "be patient and don't give up." I was stupid to listen to that for 3 years! I have dry peeling scaly skin; my self esteem is... READ MORE

37 Years Old, Using Retin a to Combat Ageing Signs - Scotland

I have always looked younger than my age. I live in Scotland in the UK and we don't get much sun ! so that has probably got something to do with that, but as I hit 30 I began to see the first signs of creppiness on my upper cheeks and naso-labial wrinkles not folds, actual lines that would stay... READ MORE

My Retin-a / Hydroquinone Journey - Pasadena, CA

I'm almost 40, and went to see a derm to treat my dark circles and the beginning of visible sun damage. I moved to SoCal two years ago and boy, did that sun make its mark on me. I used to live in a very sunny and warm part of the world, but it wasn't as close to the equator as LA is and I never... READ MORE

41 Now Bad Skin After Retin a - Falling Waters, WV

Hello, I used trentoin cream two years ago as I felt I was looking older...what I ended up with after was HUGE pores and pock/dent marks from old scars showing. I tried to leave my skin alone in hopes that it would heal and have tried multiple creams/exfoliation the past year and a half with no... READ MORE

The Retin A "Truth" : a Dilemma - Minneapolis, MN

This is so scary. Started for acne flares (I'm 44 female) and derm winked and said hidden benefit is that helps with wrinkles. I was psyched! Started 5 weeks ago. Read up that it's fine to use around eyes, so figured why not! -My eye wrinkles have gotten so much worse. Bags, troughs,... READ MORE

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