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Will Results from Retin-A for Wrinkles Be Noticeable?

My doctor prescribed Retin-a, vitamin C cream and sunscreen. I'm 31 and my main issue is the crepey skin on my cheeks when I smile. The doctor says is... READ MORE

Retin-A and Sun Exposure

If you are using retin-a on your face, can you get sun exposure on your body (with sunscreen) while using sunscreen on your face and covering it up... READ MORE

Can I Use Benzoyl Peroxide with Sunscreen? Which One Use First?

I'm using retin-a now (for two weeks) and yes, it shows positive progress. And i read about using benzoyl peroxide and i want to use it too. But i... READ MORE

Best sunscreens to use with Retin A?

I am 30 years old and i am using Retin A for wrinkle treatment. The thing is i am currently using Skinceuticals Sheer Physical Uv Defense SPF 50... READ MORE

Will applying Retin A reduce the darkness of my lips?

I have always had lips with dark edges. Recently, they seem to have become darker! I am 28, and do not smoke. I use sunscreen regularly. I have very... READ MORE

I rubbed my skin so hard with water & tissue after Retin-A. My skin is red & burning. What treatment would you recommend?(photo)

Good day! I've been using Retin A gel for about 2 weeks. I rubbed my peeling skin so hard with tissue and water. its on the upper lip under my... READ MORE

Home all day long, do I still need to wear sunscreen? I currently use tretinoin micro gel.

I currently use tretinoin micro gel. I'm stay inside home all day long. Do I still need wear sunblock? Thank you. Bobby Dan READ MORE

What to do with Retin-a on skin and sun exposure?

I forgot I had RetinA on my face and went outside with sunscreen. I have mild discomfort and redness like a sunburn mostly on my cheeks. READ MORE

Day 6 on tretinoin. What kind of oil/protection/sunscreen can I use to decrease this horrible "Frankenstein face"?

Please help me , I am 38 and started 0.1% 6 days ago. I feel like walking Frankenstein , struggling with a horrible redness, face rash and peeling ,... READ MORE

Can I Prevent Aging COMPLETELY? Here is a list of things I do (Updated Question)

1. I use only medical skin care 2. Use cleansers and also cleansers that exfoliate 3. And use Retin A to exfoliate 4. Sunscreen SPF30 with Titanium... READ MORE

Is face washing required in the morning after applying Retin A in the prior evening?

My son is going to use Retin A 0.1 for his acne on his face. Should he wash his face in the morning after applying Retin A in the prior evening? Or it... READ MORE

While being on a retin-A treatment, do I have to use suncream even if there is no sun outside?

I really dont know. Since it is cold winter out there with almost no sunlight, should I even care about applying suncream every day to avoid any sun... READ MORE

Will Retin-A be beneficial for my skin type/under eye area?

I am only 34 years old. I exercise regularly, drink lots of water, avoid salt, have worn sunscreen since my teen years and I have embarssingly shadowy... READ MORE

Can I use a vitamin C serum in my morning face care routine while on Retin A (0.5) in the evening?

I just started with my Retin A and tonight is my second application of Retin A. On the next morning after my first application after Iwashed my face I... READ MORE

Do I Need to Apply Sunscreen While on Retin-a Treatment Even if I Am at Home for the Entire Day?

Do i need to apply sunscreen while on retin-a treatment even if i am at home for the entire day? and for the other days that i do go out i feel a bit... READ MORE

Sun Exposure and Retin A?

Hi, I just started using Retin A and have heard a lot that the skin can burn easier while using Retin this just the skin where the Retin A is... READ MORE

Any suggestion for the best sunscreen after using Retinol A?

I am 24, and i would like to start using retinol A cream. i live in Mauritius where i cant hide from the sun. will it damage my skin if am exposed to... READ MORE

Can You Use Retino-A 0.05 in Combination with a Daytime SPF Retinol SA Moisturiser?

I'm using Retino A in the night twice a week, and use daytime SPF moisturiser with Retinol SA during the day. Is it right using two Retinoid... READ MORE

How long after using Retin-A do I need to avoid sun exposure?

My dermatologist recommended Retin-A for brown patches that appeared on my face this year. She said I need to use an SPF-50 while using the Retin-A. I... READ MORE

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