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Can Retin-A Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks on the Belly?

Im 24 yrs old and have stretch marks on my belly after pregnancy and they are a white color now. Someone told me Retin-A might help reduce the... READ MORE

What removes stretch marks? Retin A or silicon gel?

I recently gained weight then lost it, and i noticed that i got stretch marks on my hips, butt, thighs, and on my breast. now i read about using retin... READ MORE

What about Retin A cream for cellulite, stretch marks and skin elasticty and thickness - how is it used?

What about retin a cream for cellulite and for stretch marks and for skin elasticty and thickness and how is it used? READ MORE

What strength of Retin A is best for stretch marks from weight lifting?

I noticed I have a serious pink stretch mark on my biceps and was wondering what strength Retin A is best to help improve the appearance. How many... READ MORE

Can Retin-A and derma rolling help smooth out my deep stretch marks? (Photo)

I was placed on high dosages of prednisone as a result of my auto immune disease, now in remission I have deep marks all over my body, I wanted to... READ MORE

Old Stretchmarks. Can Retin-A gel work something out for me?

Ever since I was diagnosed with chicken pox at the age 17 , there was a rapid weight loss, which led stretchmarks. Had I taken care then, the marks... READ MORE

Would Retin A help to reduce stretch marks?

Hello, im 23 years old and i suffer from stretch marks, i read that retin-a helps reducing their appearance, i bought one and used it for a week and... READ MORE

Will retin-a and a derma roller over prolonged use, diminish a stretch mark that is 6 months old to 75% or better?

Will retin-a and a derma roller over prolonged use, diminish a stretch mark that is 6 months old to 75% or better? READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of a Rash Caused by Trying to Remove Strech Marks Using Retina-A?

I've been using this for my stretch marks around my love handles. But now I have this really bad red rash occurring. Help? Is this normal? Will it... READ MORE

I have dark under arms with stretch marks. Is ok to do electrolysis on Retin-A skin?

I used hair removal creams when I was a teenager I have dark underarms I used steroid product xtreme brite when my friend recommended it but it left... READ MORE

Would Retin-A and Mederma for stretch marks have the same results when used on stretch marks?

I'm trying to reduce the texture, color and size of my stretch marks that about 8 months old that occurred during pregnancy. Would the results of a... READ MORE

Can Retin-A Cause Blurry Vision/vision Changes if I Use It on my Breasts Due to a Skin Problem?

Please let me know... I am currently applying Retin-A on my breasts to help with the skin texture and damage due. I also apply Retin-A to my stretch... READ MORE

Caucasuan male with pale skin using Retin-A for underarm stretchmarks. Why is it turning them yellowish? (photo)

I am a Caucasian male with really pale Nordic type of skin, and I have been using Tretinoin USP (0,1%) for treating stretchmarks caused by gaining... READ MORE

Using Retin A .1% for stretch mark on bicep. Can I still lift weights or will the tissue rip more?

I have big stretch marks on my biceps from lifting and started using Retin A 0.1%. I am afraid that if I lift weights, it will damage and worsen the... READ MORE

What concentration I should use of Retin-a gel on a slightly dark skin for stretch mark repair?

I want to use a Retin-a gel on my breasts for reducing stretchmarks appearance. I don't know what concentration I should use - 0.025% or 0.05%. My... READ MORE

I want to use Retin-A 0.1% Cream as I have bad stretch marks after my twin birth. Are there risks to the baby?

I want to use Retin-A 0.1% Cream as I have bad stretch marks after my twin birth, I am not breastfeeding nor do I intend to become pregnant, I am... READ MORE

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