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Continue Using Expired Retin-A?

I have a (very expensive) tube of Retin-A that expired about two months ago. When I use it, I don't get any peeling or redness, but I haven't been... READ MORE

How Long Do Retin A Side Effects Last?

Hello I just started using retin-a 0.1%. My question is how long will the peeling, dryness, and burning last? Should I take a break from the cream... READ MORE

Do You Have to Peel for Retin A to Be Working?

I started tretinoin .05 % cream about a week ago after having used an over-the-counter retinoid cream for several years. I've been using it in the... READ MORE

Why is my face burning, peeling, tight, and glossy when using Retin A (Tretinoin) .1% every evening?

I am 42 started a Retin A (Tretinoin) .1% every night. It's leaving my face very tight, my forehead and nose have a glossy look, and peeling a lot.... READ MORE

How long does it normally take Tretinoin to work?

15/F/Fair skin. I'm about 2-3 weeks in and my skin is still adjusting (redness and peeling is occurring) READ MORE

Retin-A caused me to breakage out a lot please help!! (Photo)

About three weeks ago I started using a prescription retin-a gel(0,025 ,After I started using the retin-a, my skin began breaking out in my beard area... READ MORE

Retin-A - No Peeling

Hi, I have been using Retin A 0.025% for the past 3 weeks; I am mainly using it for collagen production. It has cleared up all my blackheads and acne,... READ MORE

Concerned About HQ, Want to Stop Obagi Nuderm. Is It Ok? (photo)

Hi, 3 days ago I started Obagi Nuderm. I started peeling a lot with redness and stinging. I'm 30, southeast asian but my great grandfather is dutch.... READ MORE

Natural Oils Lost After Baking Soda Cleansing and Retin-A

I cleansed my face with baking soda water for three days and used Retin-A 0.5% for two days as an Anti-aging treatment. There was a lot of peeling off... READ MORE

Can you be immune or unresponsive to Retin A? Obagi NuDerm straight to 0.1% with no peeling despite how much or often I use it.

I'm on Obagi NuDerm + 0.1% tretinoin with NO peeling redness/side effects. The only way I managed to get some light flaking was by applying it with... READ MORE

Retin A Micro Vs. Atralin; which is more likely to cause flaking skin?

I used Atralin for 7 months and the peeling on my face never subsided. To the point that if I used a napkin, I would flake horribly. My derm suggested... READ MORE

I Am Not Peeling from Retinoic Acid, Will There Still Be an Effect?

Hello doctors! particularly dermatologists :) Well, my skin is a normal type i just really want to even my skin out and reduce some papules one derma... READ MORE

Reintol 1.0 to Retin-A: What is the next step?

Hi Folks, I recently moved from Retinol 0.5% to Retinol 1.0%. I believe the next step above Retinol 1.0%, is Retin-A. Two questions: 1. What should I... READ MORE

I Put Retin A on a Freckle and It Caused It to Peel, Scab over? (photo)

I used Retin A on a large freckle it cause it to peel and scab over. The scab kept coming off when I took a shower. I I have been to a dermatologist... READ MORE

My skin is irritated. What should I do? (photo)

Using Retin-A 0.05% since 3/15/14, I had little dry and flaky skin at the beginning, but my skin is constantly peeling as and breaking out, not mean... READ MORE

Is Retin-A Right for Me? Still Breaking out & Peeling After 4 Years. Can Benzoyl Peroxide Keep Pores Clear Too?

Age 62 (F). Acne & mild rosacea all adult life. Used tretinoin cream correctly 4 years but kept breaking out - peeling. Tried 3 days/wk - still... READ MORE

Red/dark and Shiny Patches of Peeled Skin from Retin-a Micro 0.1%?

I'm using retin-a micro all over my body because I have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I'm just looking to rejuvenate my skin. My body is... READ MORE

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