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Can Retin-A Clear Dark Marks and Even out Discoloration?

Can Retin-A Clear Dark Marks and Even out Discoloration? READ MORE

Dark spots on my cheeks, uneven skin tone, fine lines & obvious pores. Is Tretinoin enough or do I also need Tri-luma? (Photo)

Picture shows the concentration of dark spots (side that is exposed to sun mostly whilst driving). Notice too the fine lines by my lips/mouth. I use... READ MORE

I'm already using Retin-A 0.025 and wish to add Hydroquinone 2% to diminish dark spots. Can I use Hydroquinone in the morning?

I've been using RetinA 0.025% for years (3 to 6 days/week at bedtime) and would like to add Murad serum (with 2% hydroquinone) to help diminish dark... READ MORE

I have dark spots on my forehead, cheeks and chin. How can I get rid of them?

I am Indian living in Canada and have very dark spots on my forehead cheeks and chin I went through fraxel but the results were worst. I took care of... READ MORE

Can you recommend an effective OTC cream or lotion to remove black spots and tighten the skin on back of the hands?

I was prescribed Retin A for the black spots on my back of hands but my insurance does not cover it. Can you recommend an effective OTC cream or... READ MORE

What are the different uses for Retin-A Micro VS. Retin-A cream 0.025%?

What is the difference between Retin-A cream 0.025% and Retin-A Micro 0.04%? I have both and have used them for acne at different times but now I'd... READ MORE

Small Scar treatment. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was told to use retin-a on the scar I have rather than have fractional co2 laser treatment. The scar isn't big and what bothers me is just a smaller... READ MORE

Should I continue using retinol A & a brightening complex, even if this irritates my skin & I ended up with more dark spots?

I started using a brightening complex twice daily & retinol A 0.5% 2xper week for dark spots & melasma 3 months ago. I have very sensitive skin &... READ MORE

Why has my skin gotten worse since I used 0.25 tretinoin cream on my face ?

I been using this cream for 6 weeks I was told I should see improvement by 6 weeks and it seem to have gotten a lot worse. I am also taking a... READ MORE

Will a Retin A help my dark spots & mild acne? I am on Spironolactone to help with the Hirsutism.

Excess facial hair, acne and skin discoloration. Will Retin A improve my appearance? Will insurance cover these type of treatments? READ MORE

Can I use hydroquinone 4 and retin a for dark spots

I have acne for about 5 months and now i am suffering with acne spots on my cheeks i decided to use hydroquinone 4 and retin a. Can i use them at... READ MORE

Will Retin-A help with PCOS skin issues?

I have very mild acne,  dark spots and hirutism from PCOS, will Retin-A help? Does insurance cover it? I am taking Spironolactone to help with... READ MORE

ACNE and PIH: Retin-A, Salicylic acid and Vitamin C?

Hi doctors, I've been using retin-a 0.5 and have been tolerating night use of it, I always moisturize and wear sunscreen, It has improved my acne, but... READ MORE

Clearing Black Patches/Black marks left by Acne with Retin-A? (photos)

I have been having acne issue a lot off late. Have been taking lot of measure to avoid the same. Washing face thrice a day, changing pillow covers,... READ MORE

I used Retin-A and it caused dark spots; will they disappear?

I'm 23 male and i suffer from comedonal acne for around 4 years . I visited a doctor and she gave me accutane but i was afraid of using it . Also i... READ MORE

If I stop using Retin A cream on my face, will acne scars, dark spots and redness from acne scars come back?

If I stop using Retin A cream on my face, will acne scars, dark spots and redness from acne scars come back? I want to ask the same question with... READ MORE

May I use vitamin c serum and Retin A after liquid nitrogen treatment for a small dark spot? (Photo)

I am wondering if I can carry on with my skincare routine vitamin c serum/sunscreen in the am and retin a in the pm followed by night cream or do I... READ MORE

Used Retin-A and then had a chemical peel; now have some dark spots. Will these fade away over time? How should I treat it?

So I used Retin-a, only applied a peal size to affected area. Same week, I had a chemical peel. My face has some visible darker areas now. Local... READ MORE

Will tretinoin lose/lower its efficacy if I use some creams under and over it?

Here is my routine: wash face with gentle soap, moisturize on dry areas, clindamycin topical, tretinoin . 025, whitening cream on dark spots... will... READ MORE

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