Radiesse Videos

Fat Transfer: Nanofat Harvest and Facial Injection with PRP (GRAPHIC)

Watch a fat transfer procedure: fat is harvested from the abdomen, prepared using ALMI (autologous lipocyte micronized injection), and injected into nasolabial folds, lips, and midface, along with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection. VIEW NOW

Injectable Fillers: Consult to Finish

Dr. Faraz Valaie demonstrates the process of using injectable fillers for non-surgical nose job, cheek augmentation, and lip augmentation. VIEW NOW

Facial Proportions with Golden Ratio Measurements

Dr. Gerald Pierone, Jr. explains the importance of using the Golden Caliper to understand a patients' facial proportions. VIEW NOW


Injectable Fillers: Important Concepts and Treatment Information

Learn about fillers and the injectable process with Dr. Jordan Rihani. VIEW NOW

Keeping Your Face and Skin Looking Young and Fresh

Dr. Rednam discusses her four tier approach to skin care and facial rejuvenation starting with topical care to botox and fillers to surgical treatment. VIEW NOW

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Collagen Stimulation Treatment Using Radiesse

This video shows how Radiesse is used to treat the vertical lines of the cheeks by means of its collagen stimulation and volumizing effects. VIEW NOW

Volumizing Facial Filler Treatment with Radiesse

Before and After Pictures of two patients with considerable mid face volume loss (lipoatrophy), treated with Radiesse. This filler stimulates collagen production apart from its volumizing properties. Results typically last 18 months or longer. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Treatment to Restore Forehead and Brow Volume

Volumetric forehead reflation with filler can be an excellent way to smooth forehead wrinkles and lift the brow for patients who have heavy, hooded brows that drop with Botox. VIEW NOW

Hand Rejuvenation with Radiesse for Increased Fullness

Richard Moore M.D. administers Radiesse to help improve hand fullness in his patient. VIEW NOW

The Difference Between Botox and Facial Fillers

Many people don't know the difference between Botox and Facial Fillers. Nurse Injector Jordan Brown explains it all in this video. VIEW NOW

Dermal Fillers Before and After Results

Curious about effects that dermal fillers can have on your appearance? Dr. Welsh shares this Before and After video to see the natural beauty-enhancing properties of dermal filler on Megan, a 40 year-old female patient with mild signs of aging. VIEW NOW

Dermal Fillers for a Non-Surgical Browlift

What if the solution to your brow concerns wasn't Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, or a browlift? Dr. Chasin explains how volume loss in the forehead is easily corrected with added volume from fillers or fat transfer. VIEW NOW

Injectable Treatment for Rejuvenating Your Face

Dr. Joe Pober shares a few injectables for rejuvenating your face. VIEW NOW

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Volume Restoration in Cheeks with Dermal Fillers

Dr. Jafari performs volume restoration in the cheeks area using dermal fillers (Radiesse in this case) as part of a whole-face Liquid Facelift procedure to achieve natural-looking and balanced results. VIEW NOW

Radiesse Injections for Hand Rejuvenation and Added Volume

The hands don’t lie. Even with a more youthful appearance of the face, your age can easily be given away by the appearance of your hands. RADIESSE restores volume to the hands while providing smooth, natural-looking results can last up to 1 year. VIEW NOW