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Is It Possible to Lift Slightly Saggy Jowls with Radiesse Injected in the Cheeks?

I am only 29 yo and I am scared to perform already a mid-face lift, even though I have seen amazing results on women on their forties...their jowls... READ MORE

Long-lasting Solution for Eye Bags, Sagging Skin, and Nasolabial Folds?

I am 42 and not happy with two things: bags under eyes (bigger on my right side) and loss of fat on my face. I maintain my body weight by controlling... READ MORE

Radiesse Vs. Restylane for Sagging Areas Around Mouth?

What's better between Radiesse or Restylane for sagging areas around the mouth? READ MORE

Radiesse Sagging - Would More Filler Like my Cheeks?

The Radiesse I received was one syringe used along my nasal labia folds and at the point of my cheek bones that is nearest my nostrils. I hate the... READ MORE

Fixing Facial (Jawline and Cheek) Asymmetry with Radiesse

I have a facial asymmetry. The right side of my face is thinner, whereas the left is wider and steeper. Same with the jaws. I look different from... READ MORE

Radiesse - Sagging and Jowling After Injection

Radiesse to high point of cheek, no issue. 2nd injections to lower cheek bone, 1wk later. After 2nd set, extreme swelling of lower face & eyes. 3... READ MORE

Will Submalar Radiesse Filler Bring Up Cheekbone to Correct Marionette Folds Too? (photo)

I had 1/2 syringe radiesse to correct marionette lines-still some appearance of lines but i think this is due to sagging from fat pads in sub malar... READ MORE

I Have Restylane in my Cheeks, but Want to Use Radiesse. How Do I Do This?

Hello there.I have restylane in my cheeks, but it is starting to dimish. I had quite a lot put in, and its going to leave a saggy face!!!I would like... READ MORE

Will my Cheeks Sag After Radiesse Dissappears?

I had radiesse done on my cheeks for some more volume. When radiesse dissolves completely will my skin be stretched out and cause my skin to sag? I... READ MORE

Do fillers just not work for some people?? (photos)

44 yr old woman & never felt that I was that bad to require so much filler. However it seems I get a filler, looks great for a wk then I see... READ MORE

Won't Facial Movement & Normal Aging Compromise Radiesse?

Seems Like Radiesse is the Filler of Choice for Augmenting the Jaw Angle but Won't Facial Movement & Normal Aging Compromise It? People like... READ MORE

Radiesse in jawline and cheeks to help premature sagging and pre jowls? (photo)

I'm 27 and due to losing the roundness of my baby fat face, my jowls are already starting to sag. I also have a lot of skin in my neck area and... READ MORE

Radiesse for sagging after fat transfer?

Hi doctors! Can I try radiesse for sagging face after fat transfer? Is it safe? Thank you READ MORE

Should a woman 60 years of age see good results from Radiesse in the folds and sagging jowls after 2 weeks?

I am 60 year old woman who was treated with Radeiesse injections in the fold area and sagging jowl area. How soon would I see a result or is 60 too... READ MORE

How long does it take to see any significant change from Radiesse on marionette lines & sagging jowls? (Photo)

I had radiesse injections approximately 2 weeks ago nasal folds & sagging jowl area. I've not seen any change yet. How long should it be to show... READ MORE

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