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Radiesse Injections on Mandible Gone 3 Days Post Surgery. Can I Get my Money Back?

I had 2 syringes of Radiesse injected on my jaw angle/mandibule to widen my jawline and to make it more masculine, but just 2 days after the procedure... READ MORE

Had Radiesse Treatment for Naso-laibial Folds; Loved Results. 4 Months Later- Results Are Gone, Is This Normal?

I had a Radiesse treatment for naso-labial folds; no problems, loved the results. However, 4 months later, it's gone! What would cause such a... READ MORE

No Improvement After Initial Radiesse Injections?

I am a male, had radiesse injections into each cheek a few weeks ago because both cheeks are flat. The plastic surgeon said to come back in a month... READ MORE

Why Not Seeing Results with Radiesse?

Within seven months i have had 5 syringes of radiesse and 2 weeks ago perlane again.To fill some cheek are and nose to mouth.But i do not see any... READ MORE

No Results With Radiesse, Can I Get My Money Back?

I had radiesse done to nose to mouth lines and some on cheeks.she said i neede one syringe,o.k had it done when she was finished she didn't really... READ MORE

Had Radiesse but Smiles Lines Still Very Noticeable. What Should I Try at my Next Follow Up?

I had 1 syringe of Radiesse injected in the nasolabial folds with a little bit into the "apple" of my cheek near the nosr. On my follow up I had... READ MORE

Perlayne left my right side of mouth bulky and uneven....left side was done really great. Why such a difference? (photo)

Ok, so it's been about 7-8 weeks since I had a Radiesse injection to my pre jowl culpus. My doctor injected Perlayne next to my mouth, marionette... READ MORE

1.5 cc (all together) of Radiesse injected into acne scars and lips. 1 week later results are gone, is this normal? (Photo)

About 1 week ago I had Radiesse injected into acne scars on my chin and cheek. I saw immediate results! My lips were injected with the left over... READ MORE

Radiesse nightmare. Will my face ever go back to its previous appearance?

I got talked into getting radiesse in my jaw, chin, temples, and cheekbones four months ago. Doctor ruined my facial proportions. Found out later that... READ MORE

I'm 27 years old and had 2.5 cc of dermal fillers injected into my face and it still looks the same. (Photo)

I originally had 1 cc of restalyne injected into my nasal labia folds/smile lines and I did not see a difference. I then went back and had another 1.5... READ MORE

Should I be concerned with the fact that she told me one would be enough and it was not? (photos)

I did have a consult with this injector prior to having my injection and she assured me 1 syringe would be more than enough to get me excellent... READ MORE

Why do some people have no result from Radiesse?

I've used Restylane and Botox with good result. The Radiesse did absolutely nothing. For 2 weeks, my face looked a tad fuller (perhaps from swelling)... READ MORE

Concerned with my Radiesse filler. It's too smooth?

Hello. I've been using Radiesse every 6-8 months. It is lumpy of course but I didn't mind because wasn't visible. I changed my doctor and this time... READ MORE

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