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Can I Get Radiesse Removed?

Does anyone know how long Radiesse last under eyes?  READ MORE

Will Radiesse Dissolve Faster if the Area is Massaged Frequently?

Radiesse was put across my upper lip (which I now know is not recommended). It has been 3 months. The line across my right upper lip is raised and... READ MORE

How Long Before Radiesse Lumps Dissolve?

I have had Radiesse injected into my right cheek to reduce a crease. This was about 6 weeks ago, and although the additional volume has helped with... READ MORE

Over a Year Later and Bumps from Radiesse Still in Upper Lip, What's The Cause and How Can It Be Fixed? (photo)

It was recommended to me that I get Radiesse only on my upper lip since it is thinner then my bottom. Within a few days I noticed a bump on the inside... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatments Make Radiesse Dissolve Faster?

I am considering having Radiesse injected next week. I also am looking to schedule to a Pearl Laser Treatment. Will laser treatments like Pearl Laser... READ MORE

How Long Before Radiesse Gel Carrier Material Dissolves?

I recently had radiesse and I can tell that the doctor placed the product too low in my cheekbones, which created a "bulldog" effect, with... READ MORE

Does Radiesse Dissolve Naturally?

And would you be left with big lumps and bumps after treatment READ MORE

How Long for Radiesse Nightmare to Dissolve Under Eyes?

A board certified plastic surgeon convinced me to have radiesse under the eyes in the tear trough area three weeks ago. One eye is sunken, yet puffy... READ MORE

Can Very Strong Finger Pressure Dissolve Radiesse or Make It Migrate?

When I have botax injections my doctor uses a lot of pressure with his finger on the sides of my cheeks. Does that make radiesse dissolve or migrate? READ MORE

Can I Help the Radiesse Dissolve Faster?

If I use the back side of my sonicare toothbrush on the radiesse bulges along side my mouth... will the vibration break it down faster? Or will it... READ MORE

Radiesse Disaster 14 Months Post Op, How To Dissolve New Collagen in Nose Tip?

Hello all, In October of 2010, I went to a dermatologist for a non-surgical nosejob (i.e. Radiesse in my nose). He ignored all of my instructions and... READ MORE

Does Radiesse Last Longer Than a Year?

I had the following done under my eyelids after reading I found out it was not a good idea too late. Its been a year and one of my eyelids is still... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Undo Radiesse or to Shorten It Lifespan?

I went to my doctor's seeking a filler to even out and fill in my smile folds. The doctor had a two for one syringe sale of Radiesse, and talked me... READ MORE

Will Acetylcholine Injections in the Cheeks Dissolve Radiesse?

Hi Drs...I just wanted to ask if Acetylcholine injections in the cheeks help dissolve the filler. My cheeks look bulky after 3 years of Radiesse... READ MORE

Radiesse- Scarring Dissolves ??

I've had radiesse placed in my NL folds 14 months ago. Very unhappy. My NL lines look more prominent and i look tired. She put too much next to my... READ MORE

Radiesse; Dissolving the Carrier Gel with Hyaluronidase?

A few doctors have suggested that that the carrier gel portion of Radiesse can be dissolved with hyaluronidase to REDUCE the appearance of an... READ MORE

Will my Cheeks Sag After Radiesse Dissappears?

I had radiesse done on my cheeks for some more volume. When radiesse dissolves completely will my skin be stretched out and cause my skin to sag? I... READ MORE

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