I want to remove my permanent filler from one of my cheeks. Who is the best person to do this?

I have permanent filler in my cheek, it was put there 10 years ago. I never knew it was permanent. I0 months ago I developed a tight neck and strange palate sensation and nothing organic can be found and am worried it has something to do with this filler. Is it slowly dissolving and moving around my saliva ducts? or am I display an allergic reaction over all these year? I want to remove it. Who would be the best person to do this? I would travel anywhere. Thank you

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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Dr Raffy - specializes in removing permanent fillers

Dr Raffy, a plastic surgeon in Santa Monica, CA specializes in removing permanent fillers and can be contacted on the link below. 

He sees a lot of patients from the UAE and can help you with this process. 

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Permanent filler

Removal of permanent filler in the face is very difficult and complex. There are very important structures , nerves, vessels and salivary gland and ducts that need to be protected. Plus the fact that you need to limit the amount of scars left behind from any surgery.
Permanent fillers in the face can be partially removed and not totally removed depending on the technique used to inject.
The interference with taste may NOT be improved and needs to be worked up for other reasons.

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