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What Can I Do About Bad Radiesse Results?

HELP!! BAD Radiesse  results. I had the Radiesse put in the corners (lines)of the mouth area, great results.. however under my eyes!! Is just... READ MORE

Radiesse Injection Went Bad?

I had Radiesse injections into nasal folds done on Friday and now my lip, nose and right side of the face are swallen, brused and there are small... READ MORE

Are Bumps After Radiesse Normal?

I have a long bumpy line going up to the side of my nose, also I have on the bottom side of my mouth to small bumps one on the left side and the other... READ MORE

Radiesse Injection Site Left With Bumps?

I was injected with Radiesse many times. My last experience I was left with bumps at the needle sites. Waited for one month hoping they would flatten... READ MORE

Bumps and brusing after Radiesse...What to do? (photos)

Had Radiesse injections upper check, tear trough area roughly 3 weeks ago. The left eye was layered with restalyne. I experienced severe bruising. I... READ MORE

2 Years Post Radiesse Under Eyes and Have a Red Bump. Is This Permanent?

My doctors injected me with radiesse under my eyes 2 years ago. I still have a red bump under one eye and a lot of little white bumps under both eyes.... READ MORE

I Have a Hard Ridge of Radiesse That is Nearly Protruding out of my Tearduct, What Can I do?

Approximately 3 weeks ago I went to have my cheeks enhanced with radiesse. Initially the procedure seemed to go well, but within one week I had major... READ MORE

Bumps from filler Radiesse! (Photo)

It has been 19 days since I had radiesse in both cheeks. Now I have two visible lumps. The swelling has gone. They don't hurt. Will they go away soon... READ MORE

Years after my fillers, my face is breaking out in hard lumps literally over night- what can I do?

I recently had hard lumps removed form both under eyes that had formed after i had a filler done some 3 years ago. recently I had naso-labial fillers... READ MORE

Should I go to a different injector?

A few weeks back I had Radiesse injections in my NF and marionette lines. She told me one syringe would me more than enough. She did my injections and... READ MORE

White patches inside my mouth after Radiessse, should I get them biopsied?

I had radiesse injected around my mouth for my smile lines and now have lumps on both sides of my mouth that I can feel (and see in some lights ) but... READ MORE

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