Can Zoom Laser Whitening Be Done the Same Day Braces Are Removed?

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Zoom whitening after braces are removed

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Zoom whitening is done int he office and can be done the same day braces are taken off.  The process can be very sensitive for some patients.  Consider tray bleaching first which can done every other day or with desensitizers.  Tray bleaching can give the same results.


Can Zoom Whitening be done the same day as as Braces are Removed?

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YES! You could have Zoom whitening the same day your braces are removed. If you are getting ready for a special event (for example, a wedding or a graduation) then sometimes timing is essential.

But, that may not be the most comfortable way to have it done.  Your teeth will be sensitive after the braces are off and they may become more sensitive from wearing a retainer. In addition, some people have a hard time keeping their gums in optimal health while the braces are on, so you could even have some gum inflammation.

To be the most comfortable I'd do it this way:

  • Start using a high concentration Fluoride gel (such as Fluoridex or Gel Kam) at home every day.
  • Have your teeth cleaned as soon as possible once your braces are off. Have Fluoride varnish applied by the hygienist after your cleaning.
  • Get used to your retainer for about 30 days. 

Then go have your Zoom teeth whitening. I think you'll be much more comfortable!

Thank you, Scott Greenhalgh,  DDS

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