Is Your Butt Supposed to Be Kinda Hard After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

ive read on several forums that it will soften, and then around the 3 month mark there will be some sort of "fluffing". I am 7 days post op.

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Firmness of your Buttocks early after surgery.....

It is normal for your buttocks to feel firm for a few weeks and even for a few months after the Brazilian Butt Lift.  This is mostly due to swelling, but also due to the pressure from the new volume of fat as well as scaring.  It usually softens significantly by about 3 months.   By 3 months, most of the swelling is usually gone.  That is when most patients will see their final size and shape.  That is also the best time to get the most realistic comparison photos.   When you look at photos taken before this time, the results might look good, but it is often mostly swelling that is making it look good.  If you look good at three months, there will be very little change after that time and therefore this is pretty much your final result.

Be sure to get checked by your surgeon just to be sure there is nothing else going on besides the normal swelling. 

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Buttock will feel hard after a fat transfer

The buttock will generally feel firm to the touch for a few weeks to months before it feels soft and supple. The fat itself when injected into a closed space will feel quite hard at first, especially if it has just been one week since your surgery, just be patient and follow up with your plastic surgeon as scheduled.


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Is Your Butt Supposed to Be Kinda Hard After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is natural for the area to be swollen from the surgery and from the fat that was placed there.  You are only 1 week out from surgery and I expect it will soften over time.

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Is Your Butt Supposed to Be Kinda Hard After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is normal for the bottom to be hard in the first few weeks. As the swelling goes down the firmness is reduced.

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