BBL but Dont Want Too Big and Other Concerns. How Much For a Not Overwhelming Butt?

hi doctors, hope you are all well. I am due to have BBL soon. The doctor closes the incisions and i would need to go back for massages! is this standard? I asked him if i can sit after the procedure and he said i can after 1 week but with a straight back since he doesnt inject fat in the lower part of the butt but rather in the middle section which if i sit wih my back straight should be fine. I dont want big butt, just want better shape and some projection how much cc is enough? I have an A shape buttock, it is good size but not as prominent and perky as i would like. I am not after a kim kardashian butt more like shakira's that is why i want to make sure I dont get too much put in. i am 5'1, weight 57kg, measurements 36 - 27 - 39 any comments!

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Brazilian butt lift

A very strict no sitting protocol is important to have a good result. I always recommend a two-week strict no seating protocol regardless of where the fat is injected. Having an A shape buttock makes the Brazilian butt lift procedure mush easier. Typically to have a noticeable result you will need in average of about  650cc to 750 cc of fat. You have a lot of questions. I recommend you to visit our YouTube channel rejuvenus where I have a lot of videos explaining the most common questions regarding the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

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Want to avoid over filling the buttock during Brazilian Butt Lift

Your concerns are typical of many patients. A large part of improving the shape of the buttocks can frequently be shaping the anatomical areas adjacent to the buttocks, such as the outer thighs, the hip and waist rolls and even the fat overlying the tailbone. Addressing these areas allow the buttock to come into better prominence and any augmenting of the buttocks will look even better. The actual volume is adjusted base on the patient's desires and their overall original buttock shape. I have placed as little as 200cc's to as much as 800cc's per side on depending upon the patient's anatomy and goals. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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