Does "Fluffing Out" Months After a Bbl Really Happen?

I hear from a lot of ppl that has gotten a Brazilian butt lift, that although u lose some volume in the beginning from the swelling going down and loss of some fat cells. After several months, your butt will begin to "fluff out", get bigger and rounder. Does this actually happen?

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Does "Fluffing Out" Months After a Bbl Really Happen?

If sufficient amount of fat is transferred you should have a great result that is stable for as long as you keep your weight stable.

Beverly Hills General Surgeon
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All I can tell you is that in the last few months I did 6 butt augmentation with implants on patients that had fat injection . It almost completely disappeared in about a year after the procedure and never fluffed out.

Shlomo Widder, MD
McLean Plastic Surgeon
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