LASIK eye surgery after taking a small dose of Accutane?

I am scheduled to have lasik eye surgery. I took low dose accutane for 2 months and calculated the total dose I took to 150 mg at most. Can I get lasik before 6 months?

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Accutane and LASIK

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Accutane is a strong drug taken by mouth to control acne outbreaks.  It can affect your eyes by causing dryness and specifically problems with the oil glands (meibomian glands) near the eyes that support normal tear function. The LASIK procedure can also cause temporary or permanent eye dryness.You need to be seen by your eye care professional to evaluate and treat any dry eye that you currently have and make a plan to minimize the effects of dryness after your procedure.

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Accutane and Lasik

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I personally would not be concerned about having Lasik after this small dosage of Accutane. However, other doctors may differ in this opinion.

Andrew Caster, MD
Los Angeles Ophthalmologist
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