I still have -0.50 myopia after Lasik. Should the doctor correct this?

I got Lasik eye surgery a few weeks ago. During the check the doctor found out that I still have astigmatism 1.00 in my right eye and that this should be enhanced in two months from now. However, in my left eye I still have -0,50 myopia, but he said that this is nothing so no need to correct. I know a lot of people with this small measure, but they still use glasses or lenses. Should he enhance it or is it normal to leave it like that? Thanks

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I still have -0.50 myopia after Lasik. Should the doctor correct this?

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It depends on your vision in the eye. Some people are able to see 20/20 even with -0.50 myopia in that eye. With additional surgery there's always a risk, if you're already seeing well out of that eye I may recommend leaving it like that since the myopia will actually help you with reading once you reach your 40's. However, if the -0.50 is causing you a lot of blurriness in vision or glares and halos at night, I would then elect to treat it.

City Of Industry Ophthalmologist

Lasik enhancement

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The question is: Does correcting the 0.5 myopia with trial glasses in the office make you see significantly better? If so, then a Lasik enhancement should be done.

Andrew Caster, MD
Los Angeles Ophthalmologist
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