Can Invisalign Cases Be Too Old to Transfer?

I moved out of state and need to get my Invisalign transferred to a new doctor. I was told he did not like how my buttons were put on and that my case is too old and Invisalign would not allow me to transfer. He will not work with the old trays and is confident that I will not get the results using my existing trays. I don't know what to believe, he has not even contacted Invisalign yet and so how does he know? He wants me to pay $6000 for a whole new set of trays. Make sense or not?

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Invisalign has an expiration date.

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Find out if you're case is still "active" and if it is then you can do a mid-course correction or refinement case which doesnt require completly starting over..Remember tho the new dentist also needs to be paid for his work and its a difficult situation to get money form your old dentist to give to your new one to continue work on your case..

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Invisalign expiration

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Invisalign does indeed have an expiration date.  It usually 3 years after the treatment is started.  Once that date is reached you can no longer do refinements on the case.  I would contact your original dentist to see when the case was started so you can see if it can be transferred.

Leonard Tau, DMD
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Invisalign does have a time constraint on their prescriptions.  In other words, you have to work through the original treys as prescribed or they will not issue any more after a certain period of time.  If this time limit has expired in your case, then new impressions (hence a new lab fee) would have to be assessed in order to proceed.

Ron D. Wilson, DMD
Gainesville Orthodontist

Invisalign transfer

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An invisalign transfer can happen during the regular treatment period.  Treatment may extend up to a few years.  But generally after 3 years there can't be a refinement or transfer.  THere are other options to finish your case that may not be as expensive as starting over again.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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