Do chemical peels CAUSE under eye wrinkles?

I had a chemical peel done underneath my eyes yesterday for thinning skin and smile lines. My under eye skin this morning looks red and a bit puffy. I noticed that when I smile, I have twice the lines as before I had the peel! Now I'm worried that the peel did more harm than good. Is this normal to have more wrinkling after a peel and will they smooth out?

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Chemical Peels and Wrinkling

Chemical peels make the under eye wrinkles better, depending on which type of peel was used.  It takes a few weeks to see the effects as you will be red, swollen and irritated -- especially if TCA was used.  I suggest giving it a few weeks before deciding on the results of the peel.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Wrinkles After Chemical Peel

A temporary increase in wrinkling of the skin under the eyes is common following a chemical peel. These new lines that you see are due to temporary changes in the skin caused by the peeling agent. As the swelling goes down and the skin exfoliates, these new lines should go away and your existing wrinkles may diminish as well.

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Chemical peels and wrinkles0

Chemical peels treat wrinkles and do not cause wrinkles.  Initially, especially if TCA was used, the area can appear wrinkled.  It can take a few weeks after the peel for this side effect to dissipate.  I also recommend using Epiceram after the peel to help the skim return to normal more quickly.  Best, Dr. Green.

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Wrinkes After A Chemical Peel.

Generally in my experience the fine lower eyelid wrinkles are significantly improved with chemical peeling, which I do often in conjunction with a lower eyelid blepharoplasty.  Knowing which specific peel you had would be helpful, but in generally they get better which is why I use chemical peeling so frequently.  Depending on the type of peel you had the changes can go on for a few months.  I would stay in contact with your physician.  Best regards.

John R. Burroughs, MD
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