What Could Go Wrong with a Fat Transfer from Your Stomach to Your Buttocks.

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What Could Go Wrong with a Fat Transfer from Your Stomach to Your Buttocks.

The most feared complication with these type of procedures is blood clot (DVT) and possible pulmonary embolism. Other complications tend to be minor. The most unknown factor is how much of the fat will survive.

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Risks of buttock augmentation (brazilian butt lift) with fat grafting and injection

Risks can occur regardless of surgeon or technique. These include but are not limited to: infection, hematoma, discomfort, asymmetry, undesirable effect on associated muscles, overcorrection, undercorrection, pain, prolonged swelling, dimpling, fat necrosis, fibrosis, abscess formation, adverse medication reaction, allergic reaction, need for additional "touch up" injections, palpability, visibility, distortion with muscular contraction, need for secondary revisions, and inability to guarantee a specific cosmetic result.

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Risks of fat injections to the buttocks

There are several risks, some of which will not be included here. Fat injections to buttocks or anywhere are not guaranteed to live or take. There could be indentaions in the donor area, infection, bruising, bleeding to the outside or collection (hematoma) that needs to be drained, seroma, numbness, pain, irregular lumpiness and other. Discuss this thoroughly with your surgeon.

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