Can Fat Be Donated for Butt Augmentation?

I have done some research and am interested in getting butt augmentation by fat transfer, but I cannot gain weight for the life of me! My doctor has mentioned some medicines to increase hunger and gain weight but they have a risk of increased blood pressure, heart complications, and diabetes. My question is this: is there any way to have fat transferred from somebody else? maybe a relative or someone with the same blood type?

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Can't use donated fat for fat transfer.

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You can't use donated fat for a fat transfer.  The fat would not survive and you can get an infection.  Hopefully in the future there will be a way to do it.  It would be great if you can. 

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Fat Bank Donations for Brazilian Butt Lifts...

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Wouldn't this be a great world if the fat haves could donate their "wages of sin" to the fat have-nots? Just think of the amazing possibilities! Unfortunately, fat is a living tissue and each fat cell has specific marking that only the other cells in that body have. As a result, just like a kidney, liver or heart cannot be transferred from one person to another without suppressing the recipient's immune system into tolerance, fat cannot be trans-planted.

While grafting of organs is done to save lives and therefore justifies the risks of immunosuppression, having larger more shapely buttocks does not really justify the risk and expense of immunosuppression.  Eating donuts would be cheaper, safer and more effective.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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