I have wrinkles in my forehead and hate them. Is botox a quick fix and will it last a long time?

I have had a doubles eye lift to help with my vision. I still have the lines on my forehead. I am 39 and they appeared last year. I think they showed up because I was dealing with a stressful time my husband has cancer. So they appeared fast and now want a quick fix. I heard of Botox and just want to know if it last long and the price. I know I will have to save for It.

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Treating horizontal forehead rhytids (wrinkles) with Botox

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Botox (and the other neuromodulators such as Dypsort and Xeomin) are the best treatment for the horizontal lines on your forehead.  

The muscle that raises your eyebrows (frontalis) is the same muscle wrinkling your forehead.  Botox relaxes this muscle and prevents those wrinkles appearing in your skin.  It lasts ~3 months, so it does need to be repeated.  With an experienced physician there is essentially no downtime, and 3 months of a natural, but wrinkle-free appearance.  

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Botox For Forehead

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I think a Botox treatment would be a great option for you. It will help to soften the lines in your frown area and forehead. The exact treatment designed for you will be determined in consultation with your cosmetic physician. Results generally last up to 4 months. Pricing depends on the number of units administered.

Botox and Forehead

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Botox is definitely a quick fix to treat the wrinkles in your forehead.  Botox generally lasts about four to six months in a given area.  I am sorry about your Husband's health.  Crying and stress can definitely age someone.  I hope that things get better.

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