I'm really getting worried about this mole on the side of my head. Is this something that should be taken care of immediately?

I can't really tell the exact color, if it's two different shades. I don't think it's asymmetrical but it's not perfectly symmetrical and the boarders aren't really bad I think. I don't know what I should do.

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Concern about a mole on the side of the head

From your picture, the mole appears to be benign. But to be safe and fully reassured, you should be carefully evaluated by a board certified dermatologist. Please use the ABCDE's as your guide for when to be concerned about moles: A for Asymmetry; B for Irregular Borders; C for Black or uneven Colors; D for diameter greater than a pencil eraser; and E for a growth that is Evolving or changing. If necessary, it is an extremely simple five minute procedure for a dermatologist to remove your mole by doing a "shave" biopsy which typically leaves a minimal scar. The mole can then be checked microscopically for reassurance.

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Worried about mole, what to do

If your mole is changing at all, then it's best to see someone soon. Always use the ABCDEs to evaluate sites. A - asymmetry, B - border, C - color, D - diameter, E - evolving/elevation. However, what I always tell people is that you know your body, and if you are concerned, see someone. It will always be better to hear that it's nothing, than to hear that you should have come earlier.... right?

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F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Whenever you are worried about a mole, it is always best to see your doc.

From the photos it looks like a benign seborrheic keratosis which is easily curetted off without scarring nor hair loss. It is best to see your derm surgeon. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Never a bad idea to see a doctor about

anything that concerns you...on the other hand, from the picture there's nothing exceptional...doesn't look like a melanoma...unless it's different than before, changing in size, shape or color or if it bleeds or is sore...then I'd see your doctor at your leisure...but if you're stressing, go see your doctor sooner rather than later...but the picture is bland...

Ken Landow, MD
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