Should I be worried about getting an infection or not healing properly from vaping and being a light smoke?

I have surgery in 4 days and I'm not a heavy smoker, maybe 2 a day. I stopped only a couple days ago because my surgery for the BBL was unexpectedly moved up. I do also cape with a very low amount of nicotine. I'm also a heavy drinker ((alcohol)) and haven't stopped drinking. How concerned should I be about getting an infection due to this and should I cancel my procedure because of this?

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Cigarettes and vaporizers

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Either one delivers nicotine which is potentially hazardous and can lead to poor wound healing. I prefer patients to stop at least 3-4 weeks prior to surgery.

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Vaping and Plastic Surgery

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Vaping or the use of e-digs still places nicotine into your system. This is one of the major causes of vasoconstriction which can cause wound healing problems. While many of the other toxins from smoking tobacco may not be present in vaping (e.g., carbon monoxide), its nicotine content could still be problematic for elective surgery. While daily heavy alcohol use (by your own admission) may not seem problematic for wound healing, it could still cause issues for your general recovery. To ensure your best outcome, you should prepare yourself better by stopping vaping and even drinking a few weeks before surgery. Your doctor will undoubtably due his/her best during the surgery but you need to do your part as well to lower the risks of potential complications.

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Many plastic surgeons would not operate on active smokers. and heavy drinking. Both will interfere with your healing and recovery.
You should discuss this in full details with your surgeon. Some surgeons would test for nicotine and if positive would cancel the surgery

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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