Cellfina VS Cellulaze - which one is better and why?

Hi ! I have an appt.scheduled for Cellulaze in the fall .I keep hearing (and reading) about Cellfina . Could you please tell me how they differ, why one is better than the other , pros&cons etc. ? Thanks!

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Cellfina vs Cellulaze

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Cellfina addresses the cause of cellulite, the bands from the undersurface of the skin to the fascia overlying the muscle which creates the dimples we call cellulite. This is performed with local anesthesia and a tiny knife through a puncture wound which does not require sutures. Cellulaze involves a laser and heat and I have seen burns attributable to this procedure which cannot occur with Cellfina. I am performing the Cellfina currently with positive results and the only side effect we have seen is post treatment bruising which will resolve over a week or two.

Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

Differences and pros and cons between Cellulaze and the new Cellfina Cellulite procedures

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Excellent question! The new Cellfina procedure, which I started in my practice, is truly a minimally invasive procedure that allows me to smooth out the cellulite dimples by releasing each dimple, using a tiny blade. It is performed in 45 minutes to an hour with almost immediate results, with minimal downtime. The patient drives to and from the procedure, merely wearing a compression garment over an absorbent dressing. I ask that my patients reduce their lower body workouts for 2-4 weeks following Cellfina to prevent prolonged bruising and swelling. The clinical studies show that the results have lasted more than two years.  Cellulaze, another cellulite procedure that I have offered for over 3 years, treats the cellulite of the buttock and thighs, using a laser passed under the skin through a small opening. I then use the laser to release dimples, melt the herniated fat and thermally heat up the cellulite skin. It is a minimally invasive procedure with significant downtime and a result that is variable and takes 12-18 months to visualize because the skin quality actually needs to change.  Many women have dimples and relatively normal looking skin. They are perfect candidates for Cellfina. The key is to have an in depth consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon who offers both Cellulaze and Cellfina, so that you can review your unique situation and together choose the best treatment for you! Good Luck!

Cellfina VS Cellulaze

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Cellfina is a less invasive procedure than Cellulaze and is associated with a greater degree of clinical improvement, more rapid recovery and higher rate of patient satisfaction. This would suggest that Cellfina is the better procedure of the two.

Cellfina more permanent

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The Cellfina procedure is a minimally invasive one that numbs the area around the dimple on your buttocks or thighs, and then treats the connective bands woven throughout the fat that pull down the skin, creating dimpling seen on the skin’s surface. The Cellfina cellulite procedure works by precisely treating these tethered bands, causing them to fully release. Similar to a rubberband under tension, once released, the treated skin bounces back to smooth itself out in as little as three days.

Weight gain or weight loss should not affect the outcomes and the results have been seen for over 2 years (if not more). It is truly a really exciting new technology that most women can benefit from.

Cellulaze and Cellfina do different things

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See a doctor that does both treatments because they do different things.  Cellfina is best for deep dimples. Cellulaze is better for treating large areas of cottage cheese cellulite and wavey cellulite that comes from loose skin. 

Cellfina VS Cellulaze

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Cellulaze has a Realself  worth it rating of 66%. Cellfina is the latest break through for the treatment of cellulite. We are seeing an extremely high level of satisfaction for our patients treated with Cellfina. The investigational studies for Cellfina have just been released and have shown an impressive patient satisfaction rate of 85% at 3 months, 94% at one year and 96% at 2 years. Cellfina targets the fibrous bands which are the source of the dimpling in cellulite. It is most effective for the treatment of dimples and depressions of the buttocks and outer thighs. Our patients have seen exceptional results! Cellfina is a minimally invasive treatment performed in the office. No sedation or general anesthesia is required.The procedure is a minimally invasive with essentially no or very little downtime. Our patients note some soreness for a couple of days but are able to returned to work the next day after the procedure. There is generally some swelling and bruising. The bruising may take up to 3 weeks to resolve if there are a large number of dimples released.  This is a very exciting solution for the many women who suffer from the embarrassment of cellulite.

Best Regards, Andrew Lyos, MD, FACS

Cellfina VS Cellulaze - which one is better and why?

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Firstly, I do not have Cellulaze and I do have Cellfina. The patient satisfaction numbers do seem to favor Cellfina in that, at one year, 94% of Cellfina patients are pleased and the number increases to 96% at two years! Cellulaze is a much more invasive procedure with more local tissue trauma. What I really like about Cellfina is that it follows the "KISS principle" (Keep It Simple & Stupid)! This is an office based procedure that is done in less than 1 hour and the patients return to their lives very quickly and have very high patient satisfaction rates. My vote is, therefore, for Cellfina.

Having now spoken with colleagues who have Cellulaze, and having learned of their experiences, I am quite sure that Cellfina is a simpler and more effective option for stable and lasting cellulite correction. This is a very safe and reliable cellulite correction system and is the only truly effective option for long lasting cellulite correction!

Cellfina versus Cellulaze

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Great question.  In our practice, we have had experience with both devices.  Cellulaze is a technology that heats the dermis, releasing fibers to the skin during a longer procedure that can take a couple of hours.   Cellfina is a new technology that cuts the fibers with a non-heated blade under each dimple. This treats the type of cellulite with deeper dimples, releasing the fibers for at least 2 or more years.  In less than an hour, the procedure is completed.  Most people can return to activities then next day.  We have seen some excellent, more reproducible results and improvement with cellulite since we have started using Cellfina.

Why we chose Cellfina

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Both Cellfina and Cellulaze deal with the root cause of cellulite. The difference is in the degree of invasiveness employed to cut through the fibrous septae bands to release the dimples. Cellulaze uses a laser that fires to the side and forward to cut through the bands where Cellfina uses a mechanical surgical blade to cut through the bands.

With Cellfina most clients find the pain of treatment to be about a 4 or 5 in a 1 to 10 range where 10 is unbearable.

The recovery is very fast and the most common negative side effect is soreness and bruising which can last up to about two weeks. There have been more negative side effects and longer healing time associated with Cellulaze.

What may be of interest is that the FDA had given Cellfina the right to claim approved clearance for two years and they are currently working on a three year approval. Cellulaze is cleared to say approved appearance for one year.

In addition if you look here in Realself you will see the approval rating for Cellulaze is 55% where as the approval rating for Cellfina is 90%.

Our office has chosen the Cellfina treatment and our clients are extremely pleased with their results.   

Cellfina or Cellulaze

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Thank you for your question. 

I do not offer cellulaze in my practice, based on the relatively subtle changes I have seen from other physicians before and after photos as well as the risk profile for the patient. 

Cellfina, on the other hand has been an absolute game changer when it comes to treating cellulite on the buttock and posterior thighs. It is a minimally invasive procedure performed in the office. There is very little down time associated, minimal risk, and very well tolerated. Most importantly, the results on my patients have been quite impressive.

I recommend you have an in person evaluation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss if Cellfina is right for your specific issues.

Best Regards,

Dr. Ross Stutman

Ross Stutman, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

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