Is a BBL a Tax Write Off?

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Can You Write Off Cosmetic Procedures?

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of writing off cosmetic procedures such as breast implants in certain situations. It is possible that you can write of a Brazilian Butt Lift, but you should refer to an accountant for your answer.

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Writing Cosmetic Surgery off of your Taxes

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It is possible that you would be able to write off your Brazilian Butt Lift, but the success of this approach is going to depend on the circumstances... The only way to know would be to ask your accountant or tax preparer.

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Cosmetic Procedure Write-Off

Cosmetic surgery procedures are usually not considered a tax write-off, as it is discretionary. Definitely consult with your accountant to see what can be done. Hope that this helps.




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Brazilian butt Lift

Is Brazilian Butt Lift a tax write off?

Some medical bills can be under certain circumastances, Ask your tax Proffessional

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