What if my Butt Still Looks Flat After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had mine done 2 days ago. The side view still looks flat! There is no bump!! I'm freaking out! I spent all this money I'm in debt. My long time dream was to do this for myself. No matter how much extra I had to work to pay for it. And now that I look at my self... My butt is still flat! The back view looks just ok. I dont know what to do next. I spent 8500.00 for this!

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Dissatisfied with Brazilian Butt Lift result? What to do now.

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Unfortunately, this is much more common than your surgeon or any other proponent of this procedure wants patients to be aware of. In order for fat grafts to survive, they must be harvested in atraumatic manner, placed in tiny tunnels with adequate blood supply surrounding the grafts in order to provide oxygen and nutrients to the transplanted fat, and not damaged (sitting) as they heal. And more than one procedure is commonly necessary for maximum final fullness.

Secondary procedure(s) and costs should have been discussed PRIOR to your operation. If it was, then you know what to expect. It sounds as if it was not, and an unhappy result and what the surgeon's policy for dissatisfied patients should also have been known in advance.

What you spent is unfortunately immaterial at this point, since what you have to do is discuss this with your surgeon, or start over with someone ABPS-certified (and perhaps more ethical, if your original surgeon has not made these options completely transparent and open). But first, speak with your surgeon and be calm and non-threatening. Your surgeon will (in most cases) be interested in making you happy. Give it a try and best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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What if my Butt Still Looks Flat After a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Thank you for submitting your question. I am sorry your disappointed with your result. A photo would be helpful and date of your surgery.   In general,  it may take up to six months for the swelling to subside and the true result seen.  A revision can be performed after 6 months. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. I hope this helps. Best wishes

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