After BBL Doesn't the Very Tight Compression Garment Add Unwanted Pressure to Fat Cells?

BBL patients are instructed not to sit, some docs also say not to bend to avoid unwanted pressure on fat cells but doesn't the very very tight compression garments patients have to wear post op add pressure and may even flatten the butt as well?

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Compression Garments After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

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Hello. While you want to avoid the garment being too tight, compression is an important part of recovery from a Brazilian Butt Lift. Compression helps to prevent swelling and shapes the body. I recommend that ALL patients wear Spanx following the procedure for 6 weeks. If you feel that your garments are too tight, consult your doctor immediately.

Jaime Perez MD
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Special garments

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Yes many stores vendors sell special girdles with buttock area cut out and pressure only on areas that were liposuctioned. Good luck. 

Sanjay Lalla, MD, FACS
West Orange Plastic Surgeon
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Compression Garment after BBL

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Yes, there are special garments for after Brazilian Butt Lift which allow for extra room in the buttocks area.  These garments are good as they give the needed support without too much pressure.  


Good Luck

Avoid any tight garments on the fat grafted area

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Yes, any un-necessary pressure on the area that was injected with fat is unwanted.  If I use any garments, I cut out a hole over the buttocks to avoid pressure.  Take any scissors and simply cut out a hole in your garment to take the pressure off



Martin Jugenburg, MD, FRCSC

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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