Wisdom Tooth Impacted Second Molar, Second Molar is Now Tilted at an Angle - Tooth Removal and Implact or Orthodontics?

The tilted 2nd molar hit the next tooth at an angle, a cavity occurred, and my dentist recommended orthodontic treatment. After consulting with 2 orthodontists, we had planned to remove the wisdom tooth when the braces are ready. There's some crowding but no real issue aside from the tilted tooth. An oral surg. suggested forgoing the braces, removing both wisdom and second molar, and having an implant replace the second molar. Cost isn't an issue, I just want the healthy option. Thanks!

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Implant or Orthodontics

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I agree, both options are could work. One thing to consider is, an extraction and implant is a faster treatement however, you are loosing a tooth. Also know that the area of the second molar is not the best for implants due to heavy occlusal load. Hope that helps. Good Luck!

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Impacted tooth and tilted second molar?

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Both options could work well. My suggestion is the condition of the second molar alot of breakdown I suggest extraction and implant if not alot of breakdown I suggest ortho and upright good luck, the extraction and implant much faster treatment good luck


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