Is It Dangerous to Leave the Root of a Tooth After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

I had my two bottom wisdom teeth removed about a month ago as they were impacted and for some reason I decided to get an X-ray done yesterday and to my surprise I found out that the dentist left the root of my left wisdom tooth inside. I'm worried because I've heard is better to take it out as it might get infected, will it be better if I go to take it out?

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Could give you problems

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The fact is that the remaining root could give you a problem, which is not assured but it could. In my opinion, the best thing to do is ask him to remove it, of course all the surgery process should be repeated. That tooth could get an absess but it is not certain, so it is more like a preventive matter.

Retained root after wisdom tooth removal

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It is usually not a problem if a root tip is left after removal of your wisdom teeth.  It is sometimes better to leave the root than to risk damage to the nerve that can cause numbness.  If there is an abscess at the tip of the tooth this is not true and the entire root needs to be removed.

This said, your dentist should have informed you of the retained root tip.  If there is an entire root left it can be a problem if it extends to the gingiva and could lead to infection.

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