What Should I Do if I Have Had Inverted Nipples my Whole Life and They Have Never Went Out?

im 14 and i have inverted nipples and i dont know what to do its very embarrassing and i think it might be a sign of breast cancer. i havint told anyone about it, not my mother or my docter its very embarrassing i really need help!:(

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Inverted nipple age 14

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Previous answers are great.  Another treatment that preserves the patency of the ducts for future breast feeding potential is nipple piercing.Your plastic surgeon can do it under local anesthesia  by placing a suture through the nipple to pull it out then use a bar type accessory that will keep it out.I usually have patients keep it in for 6 months. It can be changed after 3 weeks. I ask the patient to bring the stud. A large gauge needle is used to retrograde thread the stud through.

Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Inverted nipples

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Inverted nipples are caused by tightened breast duct tissue and may be due to a variety of reasons, such as genetics, trauma, pregnancy and lactation. Cancer isn't usually a cause. You can see a doctor for a physical examination if you are concerned. I would wait until you are about 18 or 19  years old before considering corrective surgery. Don't be embarrassed about it, because it's very common!

Inverted nipples

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Inverted nipples are not uncommon, and at your age, you don't have to worry that it is cancer related.  It's caused by short milk ducts under the nipple that tether the nipple so it can't protrude normally.  The condition can be corrected surgically under local anesthesia by releasing the tissue under the nipple, pulling the nipple outward and supporting it in that position while things heal.  The surgery can interfere with future breast feeding (but women with inverted nipples sometimes can't breast feed anyway) and can possibly cause nipple numbness.  It's better to wait until your breasts are fully developed before having the procedure and this would be around age 18.  Don't be embarrassed to talk to your mom about it.

Gregory Pastrick, MD
Kingsport Plastic Surgeon

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