How Soon After Unsuccessful Nipple Inversion Surgery Can I Get a 2nd One Done? (photo)

I recently had corrective surgery for my inverted nipple (I think grade 3). After 2 weeks, it seems to be reinverting. How long do I have to wait before getting another corrective surgery done...hopefully successful this time! Will I have a big risk of it reiverting again?

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Second Stage Release of inverted Nipple

A second stage release of your inverted nipple should be done at about one month.  This allows for early wound healing, but is also early enough that true scar formation has not occurred.  A second stage release should be relatively simple.  I stretch and sometimes cut a few of the milk ducts (the reason for inverted nipples very often is short ducts).  Then to keep the inversion from dipping back in, I have a system of sutures and gauze which gives a soft gentle pull on the nipple. 

I am sure your plastic surgeon is motivated to do the second stage release of your nipple, and I am certain that he or she has a plan.  I would follow that plan to the "T". 

How Soon After Unsuccessful Nipple Inversion Surgery Can I Get a 2nd One Done?

At least one month from operation. But based on the posted photos I would recommend a flap technique NOT just a purse string suture. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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