How can you tell if your doctor is using the real Juvaderm/juvaderm voluma filler or an alternative?

When I was reading other post I came across a doctor who mention to be careful because there are "not real juvaderm filler products that are trying to be infiltrated into the US. As a patient how can you tell what is real and what is not? Thank You for any feedback

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How can you tell if your doctor is using the real Juvaderm/juvaderm voluma filler or an alternative?

One way to ensure that you are receiving the real deal is to enroll in Brilliant Distinctions. This is a program that is sponsored by Allergan which is the company that sells Juvederm. Every time you have a syringe of Juvederm injected, your provider will use the lot number for that syringe to add reward points into your Brilliant Distinctions account. These points will accumulate and provide you with coupons for discounts for your next injection. If the Juvederm is "fake," then it will not have a valid lot number and you will not receive reward points. Thank you for your question. Best wishes.

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How can you tell if your doctor is using the real Juvaderm/juvaderm voluma filler or an alternative

Each box of any Juvederm product has sticky labels, you as a patient can request a copy of. than call Allergan customer service read the label #s and than be told the origin of that box. If not USA produced than it is illegally accepted or ordered by that injecting doc.... Always best to be careful and ask questions....  

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How can you tell if your doctor is using bona fide #Juvederm or #Voluma #filler ?

The first step is to find an injector that you trust. That is the most important step. In most cases, your physician injector will bring the product packaging into the room and open it there. If you have questions about the product, you can simply ask. It might feel awkward but you can even ask for the package to be opened in your presence. Every syringe is individually sealed and clearly labeled with the type of product. I think the incidence of people subbing in suboptimal or off brand product is very rare but would be more common in practices where the price is too good to be true. I hope this information is helpful for you.

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Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Ask to see the syringe and the box it came in

The syringe and the box of injectable fillers are clearly labeled with the name of the product.  If you have any doubts as to what is being injected into your face, ask to see the box and the syringe.  I typically open the box in the presence of the patent so they have no doubt about the product they are receiving.

How can you tell if your doctor is using the real #Juvederm #Voluma #filler or an alternative?

VERY good question! There are a few things that you can do. First, be sure that you are only being injected by a board certified/eligible plastic surgeon/dermatologist.  There are a LOT of people out there (medical and some not even medical at all) that go to a weekend course to learn how to do fillers then claim that they are a "cosmetic" doctor.  They do not have the proper training from years in residency that dermatologists and plastic surgeons get.  So first do your research. Second, check out the facility where they are doing the injecting and ensure it is a certified medical facility regulated by the state.  Lastly, if you would like you can always ask your provider to show you the syringe first.  All fillers that are FDA approved in the US are shipped in pre-filled syringes that should have the name of the product and expiration date printed on them. Many providers will add a few drops of sterile lidocaine to the filler from a different syringe and mix them for added comfort to the patient so if you see 2 partially filled syringes, one with the product label & the other without, that is most likely the reason. You can always ask though.  In our office, our staff always prepare filler products in front of patients as well so that can be an extra assurance.  The neurotoxins (botox, etc) are slightly different than fillers in their preparation so that is a little more difficult.  They do not come prefilled in syringes; rather have to be reconstituted with sterile water/saline from a powder in a vial. Many practices will prepare them in bulk for the day and have them kept in the medication refrigerator for use during the day.  Those syringes will not have the product name printed on them since they are prepared by the office staff into sterile syringes.  Hope this helps and good luck!

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Check the box

Great question! First I'd only have a board certified Derm or Plastics doctor inject. Check the Allergan website to verify the doc is listed as one of their injectors. Finally I would ask to examine the box and look at the box as well as the syringes for the Allergan lot number.

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Ensuring your doctor uses the real Juvederm product

Every time you receive a filler of any kind, the product and trade name should be clearly printed on the box and the syringe. Juvederm is only a trade name for one of the popular hyaluronic acid fillers.There are other very similar fillers, such as Restylane on the market that are quite legitimate and your doctor may prefer one over the other. If there is any question in your mind as to the advantages of one material over another, ask your doctor. We use many of the available materials depending on the patient's needs. Materials chosen will differ based on the area to be injected (superficial or deep, lips or cheek area etc), how long the material lasts, and cost. Juvederm is a great injectible filler, but there may be other choices that are just as good or even better depending on the situation. Just know what you are getting and why.

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I like Dr. Park's suggestion to register with Brilliant Distinctions. The problem with counterfeit Juvederm, Botox and other fillers typically takes place in franchise med spas, or medspas not owned and operated by a physician.  Truthfully, if you are in doubt about material being used, experience of your medical provider or anything about the environment of the medical practice where you are receiving a treatment you should leave before receiving a treatment. An ethical medical practice will have well trained nurse injectors, friendly and efficient people greeting you, and of course a physician on site who owns and operates the practice. Additionally, the facility should be immaculately clean with up to date equipment.

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Bogus products

Yes - it's reasonable to be cautious.  Ask to see the package of Voluma or Juvederm.  Look for the Allergan trademarks. Have it opened in front of you, so you can see the whole thing.

If the deal seems "too good to be true", you should be suspicious....

Thomas Fiala, MD
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Real Juvaderm versus Fake Juvaderm- How to spot a fake?

There are several ways to spot an injector who uses fake products.
  • Injector should be located on Allergan website.  
  • Injector should have a level of injection qualification (i.e. Gold, Platinum, etc)
  • Brilliant Distinctions (a program offered by Allergan to give patients rebates) can look up and trace each product with a lot number.
  • Can see box injector uses and see if there is a label associated with it
If there is any suspicion of counterfeit products, contact Allergan.

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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